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  • Exchange hair plus- unprofessional

    I searched thru e forum & found no reviews on this salon located at PS L6 so I wld want to let e cotters know before heading down to let them do their tresses.

    Yesterday I went down to perm my hair under e Groupon deal. On arrival everything was fine, they're busy & e stylists look Pro (*** styled hair & all dressed in black) so I thot it *** be quite trustable. So it's my turn & my attending stylist's Juno.

    I discussed *** him e type of perm & shown him e pics tt I wld like to hv but he said it's not possible due to e humidity of S'pore, so I asked for his advices on *** he recommended & he shown me *** mag of e perm style which I agreeable on & also voiced to him my concerns is flat crown if e perm is too heavy below so I wan e perm to be from near e roots there & he said he understand; then he told me to try e new perm tt will make e curls looks smoother & won't be so curl till like auntie-style so I thot okay since I going to perm near e roots & most Imptly I trust his professional judgement.

    So frm 4.30pm till almost 9pmi saw how they handle e customers. Not to mention Juno who rough handled my tresses eg: jus comb thru e tangles, water into my ear during washing, towel covered my another eye when wrapping e hair & didn't even apologize when he knows it.

    *** bout e other staff? One customer was not happy *** e color outcomes when she requested e others, e gal whom did e colors did not apologize too & gave explanation, aft tt continue to do other's hair; her colleagues "trying" to explain, all this while I didn't heard any "sorry" frm any of them, at least for her bad encounter at e salon if they learnt bout customer services.

    Obviously they're not trained, ll of them I noticed they tends to go attend other personal things when they had not finish 1 task, eg: cut hair halfway go inside e staff area, teach e juniors(then I realize they're not as experience as them seems to be), blow hair dry halfway to e counter when e more senior ask him if he can do *** time ***.. I mean u *** concertrate e tasks at hand before u do other unrelated. We're sitting there for hrs hoping it can done fast but there they're delaying.

    Also drop cup on floor & onto my feet without apologizing..*** I assume she didn't notice so I shdn't blame her rite..

    So e outcome of my hair? Nothing resemble frm *** he shown me, & e hair near my crown are still as straight.. He also used a diffuser which I told him I don hv at hm, hopefully he'll teach me how to style *** jus hairdryer at hm but said coz at salon so he used e diffuser for e effect... & e effect comes out... Messy look tt I get out frm bed early morning; looks fizzy, dry & mess up waves..-_-.. I asked him he said again not possible to hv e look I want in S'pore due to humidity, got to use styling products etc.. I asked didn't u said e perm tt u used will look smoother..?He said coz of e wax he used.. Normally e stylist I went to will advice me on e aft care at hm & easy styling.. But *** guy I got to ask him& probe him & e answer he told me is jus so lay-man knows it..

    Alright I was tired aft spending almost 5hrs in there & saw all e unprofessionism, I can't get myself to clarify furthermore, aft all is my first time doing perm & I thot I'll wait & see if it's gonna last..

    So e MSG to all of u whose heading there, my advice is DON't GO!!! At ur own risk of coz.. Anyone *** experiences there can leave comments, or if u hv good experiences pls let me know too so I know it's maybe jus my personal judgement.