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  • from black to brown again

    Hey girls!

    I just colored my hair black a month back, but I didn't like it at all. I'm very fair and think that black looks really too harsh for me. So I'm thinking of coloring it back to dark brown soon. However when I went for a haircut last week, my stylist told me that it's not possible to do that unless I do a hair lightening for my whole head, which I supposed is some kind of bleaching. He also added that even if I went ahead with the lightening job, the overall color will still be uneven and ashy. Feel really like when I heard that. Is what my stylist said true? And has anyone tried changing color from black with success? Hope to hear our advices soon! TIA!

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    Well, that should be what a trained stylist would say, I guess? Cos I've heard that one before. I won't know about the uneven thing about the bleaching, though. In any case, I won't advise it on anyone. Bleaching's harsh. The stylist is probably gonna use industrial strength bleaching product to lighten a colour as dark as black.

    How about getting a second opinion at another good salon? You can't really *save* the whole head but I bet you could do highlights, at least. I'd go for some reddish tones. Colouring experts should know what shades to use to effectively lighten the black to a noticeable hue.


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      if your hair is black you shouldnt need to bleach it to dye it brown...cos i have black hair and i just buy hair dye from the really only need to bleach it if you want to get something like blond streaks cos i jsut recently highlighted my hair after dyeing it brown...


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        I think it's going to be really difficult to colour your hair brown over the black because my hair is naturally very black and I've never succeeded in colouring it. The stylists always tell me that if I really want the colour to show up, I'll need bleach. And if I recall correctly, I read somewhere that once you dye your hair black, it's going to be tough colouring it after that. So I guess instead of opting for a whole head colour change, try highlighting as what glossie has mentioned. Hmm...but isn't highlighting also colouring over the black? Not too sure about that. Or if nothing works, maybe you could try hair extensions.


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          There you go, Felicity! I remember I once had my hair dyed really dark and one stylist kinda reprimanded me, ha ha. By then, my hair had grown out halfway and I'd wanted a colour job. He/She was saying the new colour might not pick up at the ends. Sorry i can't recall if the job turned out well then.


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            Your stylist is correct. Once u dye your hair stark black, it's very hard 2 color it again, esp. if your base color was quite dark as well.

            What color did u have before u dyed 2 black? If it was a very light color (like gold etc.), the black will fade slowly. So don't worry ok?

            & in fact, if your hair condition is gd, black hair looks very nice on fair skin. Unlike my hair which is very coarse & dry, black worsens the look!!! :puke:


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              I had dyed my hair into Jet black before. My advise to you is to wait for your dyed black hair got trim off before you dye other color. Reason being, you will surely spoil your hair after the bleach and dye to brown again. Your hair will be dry like straws.

              Black is nice


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                hi dearie... i got very light brown hair also... but because of new year i thought of giving it a change and hi light it with Maji contrast red and low light black at JB on sunday... my hair stylist also triple confirmed with me that once i dye my hair black with normal black hair dye it's very difficult for me to 'colour' it in future.. but at the end she used a kinda different 'black product' on my hair and she told me i would be able to hi light other colour 3 mths later.. HTHs..