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  • Rebonding virgins

    hi all
    since rebonding was introduced i have been doing it yearly for 4 times..just wondering is it really necessary to do it yearly?

    for me i do it because i want the SHINE..straightness wise my hair is already quite FLAT and staight..

    is there anyway to achieve the shine without rebonding?

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    There are a ton of shine serums/potions/lotions available in the market at a wide range of prices, so I would think that at least one of them would do a good job of giving your hair shine. It all depends on your hair type and what kind of textures you like to work with and put in your hair.

    That said, I like, no, I Redken's Outshine anti-frizz polishing milk.

    It tames any frizz I might have and gives my hair the most incredible shine. It doesn't feel oily or weigh my hair down either. I love it!


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      oh outshine! yup i have tried before..yeah quite good.

      but then only your ends will have shine, not the full head..i like my whole hair to look shiny though.

      but i cant use those shine depositing shampoo as i have got oily scalp

      and i admit rebonding makes my hair look silker..

      people i am trying to get out of this rebonding whirlpool..must encourage me!


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        vernis..u are not auntie ok!!!

        ps: have u tried the optima treatment sachet?


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          always use separate conditioner after shampooing hair, leave it to a few minutes before rinising off with cold water. I dont blow dry my hair, I apply hair serum to the ends when my hair is still a bit damp. I dont perm or colour my hair as well, so I guess with regular trimmings, my hair is pretty ok .


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            hehehe.. 3rd on the list. Me rebonding virgin.

            If i want to splurge my monies on my hair, i rather go for perming. That's life i guess. People borned with straight hair want to perm their hair. And those with natural curls want cleopatra straight hair.


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              Originally posted by Dewy
              vernis..u are not auntie ok!!!

              ps: have u tried the optima treatment sachet?
              i still keeping. right till CNY ah.


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                i've never rebonded my hair...mostly cos i have very fine hair and if i were to rebond it my hair would look flat...and also cos i cant justify spending that amount on my hair...i do color it though but thats abt it


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                  i have never rebonded nor tried other haircare treatments. before rebonding was introduced in singapore, i had very nice enviable praise-worthy hair (ahem pardon me). after, i can only say i have seemingly average hair.

                  dewy, when i was younger, up to jc i think, i used to sit in front of the mirror and comb through my hair (dry not wet) many times with fine-long toothed comb (not brush) every night. it made my hair so soft n glossy. maybe you can try.


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                    Actually, i would suggest not rebonding if you have straight hair. Rebonding really kills many of my friends' hair. Just a suggestion though.


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                      me too, never rebonded my hair. love doing highlights though. i feel i've a round fat face and having totally straight hair would just emphasis my face's roundness so yep, never got round to it.


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                        i am also never rebonding my hair and not using any conditioner or hair mask while i was in secondary school. and people always said my hair very straight and soft.

                        After secondary school, i never stop to go for colouring till my hair become frizzy. only few months ago, friends introduce me conditioner then i start to use....

                        Quite heart pain when i see my hair needs to use conditioner now~~~


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                          i have ultra straight (i cannot live without my rollers) and very fine hair. no need to rebond.

                          with my hair texture (plus i really don't have much hair) i'd look hideous if i rebonded my hair


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                            rebonding helps a lot for my frizzy n naturally wavy hair, to the extent that i think my hair texture is improved with rebonding.


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                              Actually I kinda agree with stellazeex. I've never rebonded my hair, but I've witnessed the transformation of my friend who had super frizzy hair initially but post-rebonding(s), had really nice straight locks! I guess if your hair is already frizzy to begin with, rebonding does help to an extent to calm your tresses. That said, I think rebonding looks nice only if u've got thick, or at least a reasonable amount of hair. I've seen girls who have thin hair, and post rebonding, they really didn't look as nice!