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  • BlueAriel's Updated 14/4

    *UPDATED*14th April 2005
    Yup i am back!!! Hehe had been really busy and didnt take any nice photos. Back with new photos!

    Took this before Devils last nite.

    Ops the hair here very messy. =X

    My friend

    On me:
    1) Clinique Superfit makeup in Beige
    2) MAC peachykeen
    3) Red Earth Glitter eye Shadow(silver)
    4) Clinique eye defining liquid liner in dark brown
    5) Clinique color surge bare brilliance lip stick in Strawberry ice

    didnt bring alot of makeup out coz i went gym before that. Missed out on a few things..

    BluEArieL's First

    Took this photo before going clubbing. Didnt have time to take it during my makeup process. I hardly put on eye shadow coz i am afraid to look too drama. Not sure if this is the correct style. all the experts pls advise me yea?!

    This one after velvet with my buddy. My face looks oily.

    A full length one. "Say Cheese!"

    1) Clinique Superfit makeup in Beige
    2) Ayura Blush in Pk 21
    3) Red Earth Glitter eye Shadow(silver)
    4) ZA eye shadow 104(darker shade of grey)
    5) Hollywood secrets eye brow pencil in brown
    6) Some cheap but good eyeliner in brown
    7) Clinique color surge bare brilliance lip stick in Strawberry ice
    Loreal Lash discovery mascara in black
    Last edited by BlueAriel; 14-04-2005, 05:58 PM. Reason: New pics!!!

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    hi blueariel! you look great and i really love your green tank top!

    the only rec i would have is maybe use a little more eyeliner or dark e/s near your upper lashline to add emphasis to your eyes. you have big pretty eyes and would look great with a little more smokiness when you go clubbing


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      The colour makes you look fresh. Cos sometimes after clubbing, it will make you look "wear-out" and "tired".

      Nice outfit too. Lovely.


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        you are one slim young lady!!!!!

        Yap agree.. more eyeliner to show-off your huge eyes!!


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          Thank you girls. hehe. I usually pile on alot of eye liner when i dont put on eye shadow but i realised that it looks kinda fake. That's why i thought of reducing it. Moreover, with ES, due to my single eyelids, it looks wierd or "thick with makeup look". Is it because of how i apply the eyeliner n ES or my single eyelids?

          SMOKEYeyes: i am not slim! still fat compared to my two skinny friends!

          I had a hard time looking for that green top to match that green abercrombie skirt. Finally found it! =)


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            Nice make-up, Great top!

            May I know why you bought it from?


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              Very natural makeup.
              I like your top. Is it from Topshop?


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                nope its not from top shop

                its from jennyfer actually. The shop at Jurong Pt.


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                  blue ariel, you looked great! I love your top too! actually your very 1st pix looked abit like yang gong ru!!

                  heehee...I don't know much about makeup but don't worry about looking drama when go clubbing you so young so be abit drama just flaunt your "assets"!

                  p/s: you very pretty so definitely got alot of suitors keep your option open if necessary. :wish:

                  citrella, i thot the top from topshop too! i saw one very similar...


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                    Nice!!! You look really hot man! Woohoo!


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                      smabbit: Yang Gong ru!? omg she's so much prettier! Nobody ever say i look like her before. Hehe. so flattering. I only heard ppl said that i look like yang qian hua but i really have no idea who is she! =X

                      brainspoil: hehe thanks.


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                        Nice outfit, very spring green
                        You do look alittle like yang qian hua, she's the actress/singer
                        who does the cm for the "pi pa gao" - cough syrup on tv.


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                          nice outfit, and great figure!

                          u *** try using black eye liner to bring more attention to ur eyes.. and u've got great complexion too!


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                            Hey blueariel, you look very familiar! Did I saw you last night at velvet underground?


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                              Definately a babe!