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    Can't find a thread on CARGO cosmetics. Cos happened to read that it's now available online from Adorebeauty . So, here i am... very very honour to start one to share the good news! =)

    CARGO: The Background Story

    CARGO cosmetics is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Its success has come from a strict adherence to one simple policy: uncompromised and unparalleled quality.

    To create a truly professional quality collection, CARGO enlisted the industry?s top professionals to develop the line. The original collection was in development for two years. Today, guest artists remain vital contributors to CARGO, as they consult on the creation of new products and colours.

    In 1996 CARGO was introduced to the public in Canada. CARGO expanded to the USA in 1998 and is now available worldwide.

    CARGO has quickly become a favourite among celebrities, and film and television make up artists. Chances are you have seen CARGO in use on your favourite prime-time television shows and major Hollywood films.

    CARGO: The Vision

    CARGO believe that make up should enhance rather than alter. Their colours are sheer, and their natural undertones flatter the skin, allowing you to layer colour to the desired depth.

    CARGO believe in simplicity and creativity. Their easy-to-use, easy-to-wear make up encourages experimentation and play, with professional results every time.

    CARGO: The Name

    Make up is truly a woman?s cargo. That?s why the inspirations for the names of many of CARGO?s products comes from various global destinations. For example Bora Bora is a tropical berry lip gloss. In keeping with this concept, CARGO products are portable and practical.

    You can now buy CARGO cosmetics online by clicking here.

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    Used to be crazy over their duo glosses. I still have them - 3 in total! Some girls don't like them at all. They don't last very well as they're not sticky at all. Their blushers are popular.


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      yep, their blushes have gotten HUGE raves at MUA. I rmb Catalina is our Ms Stella's HG blush.

      And "The Big Easy" resembles NARS orgasm blush.

      I'm still patiently waiting for my Catalina to arrive... want to see for myself what's the rave is all about.


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        I have my stuff from small retailers in Japan, now they are all expired IMO. must discard i find them ex.


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          The lipgloss duos smell plasticy like NARS lip lacquers :puke:

          I really love the blush and bronzer though. The blush isnt as finely milled as say Shu or Armani but it's generously pigmented and a really great price!

          pic here-


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            I love the blush in Cable blush. It's like a shimmerbrick but the colours apply much better and not as much shimmer as Bobbi brown's.
            very pigmented and just a light swipe with the brush gives colour!


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              i like the blushes although i do prefer the GA and the Dandelion

              lip gloss wise, ewww it smells!


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                anyone keen to get?


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                  vernis, (can u just tell me your real name??)

                  The blush's A$40 at Adorebeauty, after conversion abt S$50 excl shipping.

                  But let me test drive my Catalina first....


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                    Was in and out of this brand 2 years back..Had 2 of the duo lipglosses, but swapped them away.

                    Its very drying on my lips, my lips actually started to peel :puke:


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                      I used to get the blush. I it because it was pigmented and a perfect shade for me. But I don't remember it costing as much as SGD50.. Maybe over the years, with an "uncompromised and unparalleled quality" policy comes a hefty price tag.

                      ETA: I find the metal containers a little tricky to open sometimes, though.


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                        :deal: i also had hard time prying open the tins. prices not cheap though.


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                          you might want to buy from luxbeauty. better to pay in canadian dollars

                          cargo blushes are gigantic

                          oh, how come, mine are quite easy to open. no resistance at all


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                            Prices of the blush from various sources...

                            Adorebeauty A$40 => S$50
                            Luxbeauty US$22 => S$36
                            CAD24 => S$31

                            All prices excl prevailing sales tax and shipping.


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                              i can get & handcarry from US. but need yr orders soonest possible.