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    Recently, I've tried a sample of their product, can't remember the name but it's an exfoliant gel which works like Ginvera Marvel Gel.

    Apply the gel on clean face, massage for like 30 secs and it'll form tiny particles of dead skin cell which you then rinse it off.

    I was told that Marvel gel would still form particle even when tested on a porcelain cup, but Sansho's won't......... (get the catch)?!

    The price is pretty affordable, see link

    I quite like the results after a trial. It left my skin alot brighter and smoother. Am wondering now if anyone has used this product for a longer period of time and has any comment to make.

    It's another great Japanese product if you can get hold of a sample sachet!!

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    is this the brand that gave away samples at Raffles Place MRT early last year??


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      hm...... that I'm not sure. I received a sample at my doorstep

      Sorry, I forgot the add to the 1st post that the product I'm referring to is the 1st product on the website. Seems like we're able to purchase online too.

      Currently they're offering free delivery for a limited time period. Product is either S$38 or S$50.
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        Hi Girls,

        I've been using Sansho renewal gel for about 3 weeks and so far I'm very satisfied with the product. It makes my skin feel so clean and supple!!!


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          I'm liking their skin moisturising gel a milky emulsion; but upon application it feels like water. Non-greasy at all and serves as a makeup base too, in addition product contains titanium dioxide as well.

          It's a great all in one skin care product for the morning rush!! Or for a lazy bum like me!!


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            other than getting online, where else we can get this? TIA! :D


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              qian, I still have spare samples... PM me if interested.


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                My fren's shop in katong is selling it


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                  Originally posted by psyence View Post
                  My fren's shop in katong is selling it
                  where exactly is the shop???

                  pls kindly advise. thanks


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                    You can find a list of salons that sell the products here: