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How to wear bronzer?

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  • How to wear bronzer?

    Hi babes,

    I just bought my first bronzer from TBS warehouse sale today! Just wanna enquire how do ur wear ur bronzer? on the cheeks? will it look as if ur face is burnt?

    Thanks a million!

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    I want to know how to use it too. I bought one 2 weeks ago, and well, someone said I look more tanned when I use it. However, I want to know how to contour my face with it.
    Secret, if you are good at make up, you can try using it under your blusher, i.e. on the hollow of your cheeks. But, if you wanna use it for the whole face, then you gotta 'paint' your necks as well


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      As I've a foundation which looks kind of one shade too fair, I wonder if a bronzer will help to balance up the look.

      I dont own a bronzer though. Because I'm still quite clueless how a bronzer will enhance a look. Is MAC MSF like Northern Light and Goldspill considered as bronzer?


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        northern light is definitely not a bronzer....

        u can try MAC's warmed msf.It can be usedas a bronzer


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          to me Goldspill is like bronzer.
          i use bronzer like blush, apply on apple of the cheeks, dust abit on side of nose, corners of forehead near hairline and on the chin. be lighthanded and layer bit by bit to show the colour. also to make it more natural i use kabuki brush to blend and blend.


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            Thanks geeko.

            Do you mean these? Cant seem to find "Warmed" shade. Wonder if i'm looking at the right place.

            Seems like this UD bronzer is quite raved about as well.

            honeylicious, good to know goldspill can function as bronzer too. I'm trying to improvise what I have than to spend on a new bronzer. Would love to give my goldspill a try.


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              er...warmed msf was a limited edition msf released with MAC's Naked N collection earlier this year together with light flush msf.

              here's the pic

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                i dust on nose bridge, lower part of forehead and jawline

                btw, im using hard candy's SoCal Glow
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                  I use global glow msf over my pinkish peach blusher to give a "healthy colour" when I'm looking very tired or sick. On some days, I use a mixture of new vegas msf and global glow msf to create a slight bronze look. Ifind that new vegas msf tones down the bronze look a little so I won't look so "burnt/orange".

                  geeko: I'm so jealous of your msg collection! I want Northern Lights, Porcelain Pink and Petticoat! I currently own Global Glow, New Vegas, Glissade, Light Flush and Gold Spill. Can u pls do a swatch on Northern Lights, Porcelain Pink, Petticoat and Stereo Rose? TIA


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                    is it a must to use bronzer and then blush?
                    I only use blush and do not own a bronzer YET....

                    so if my face is hollow enough, I do not need to use bronzer ya?
                    cos if my face looks too slim (with the effect of bronzer), I do come across as fierce looking
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                      bronzer is optional

                      only for those who wants to highlight or sculpt part(s) of the face
                      some shades of bronzers can be used as blusher


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                        i really look weird with bronzer, maybe i apply with a heavy hand. i will practise on this.

                        bronzers are usually applied on nose bridges, temples, and sides of cheeks to emphasize features and accentuate a slimmer face. bronzers, lighter shades, can make you have a healthy glow, darker ones, give u that sunkissed, tanned look.


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                          just dust LIGHTLY will do
                          i also very scared i will overdo it and end up having 2 obvious shades on my face


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                            Originally posted by Secret peace View Post
                            Hi babes,

                            I just bought my first bronzer from TBS warehouse sale today! Just wanna enquire how do ur wear ur bronzer? on the cheeks? will it look as if ur face is burnt?

                            Thanks a million!
                            I think you can take a look at this blogger's entry on contouring + highlighting.

                            She did quite a clear explanation on it. I picked some really useful tips from her entry too.

                            The entry is in Chinese but i figure her pictures are comprehensive enough even for ladies who do not read traditional Chinese fonts that well.




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                              I just watched some Mac Neo Sci Fi collection haul videos on youtube. Apprently, this collection's bronzer is real pretty. I heard rave reviews on the bronzer from Heatherette collection too.