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what happens when u laugh with a mask on?

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  • what happens when u laugh with a mask on?

    hi girls..i know this sounds a bit silly, but i have no idea. Is it okay if I laugh with my face mask on? Will it be better if i dont move any facial muscles when i have the mask on? And y is that? Thanks so much for ur time =)

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    What kind of mask is that? Well, nothing serious will happen at all. You'll just crack the mask if it's the peel-off type.


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      Some people believe that you will get wrinkles when you laugh with your facial mask on. I don't think it's true at all. Like what Glossie said, the most you get are just crack lines on peel-off masks and clay masks.


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        It just feels a bit taut with the pulling and the mask isn't that smooth when you peel it off, that's all. Wrinkles are caused by a deficiency in collagen and sustained muscle contraction, so unless you have a stroke or something it's unlikely to happen instantaneously.


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          i talk and laugh even with my mask on. and i use those which turn dry on skin. so far so good.


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            no worries, nothing will happen to you. I always crack my masks.