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    Hi, I'm not sure if my qns should be posted like this but I posted a comment in Milani cosmetic thread but it seems as though no one is able to see it.
    Anyway, I would like to ask if buying from cherry culture requires any custom fees or additional charge on top of the shipping fee as stated on the website. It's kind of urgent so I would appreciate it if anyone can answer me.

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    No additional charge, but you will need to pay for shipping to singapore, and the conversion rate.


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      Hi thanks alot for replying! But the website didn't state that it's in USD. Does this mean that I have to convert myself?


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        Hi babe, apparently there are some online shops that have already been selling Milani in SG. U can try looking up Thrift Beauty-Cosmetics and Belle Cosmetics (either that or it's Belle Cosmetiques, i cant remember!) On FB. Hope this helps! It's sad that Milani is so hard to find here!


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          Alright thanks so much for the help guys :D


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            Hi, i have ordered a package from CC during december with my friend and they claimed that the item is shipped out on 14december2012. Now it's the 3rd week and I have not receive anything yet? How long does it take for you all to receive your package? I used the international 1st class shipping w/o tracking.