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    They sms-ed me recently again. But previously, when I asked them what am I left with, I didn't get any reply. But I think I don't have any left.


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      Hollywood Nails- Unethical acts

      hello! am so glad to see this thread on Hollywood Nails! this evening i had a very unpleasant experience with Peace who is not ethical in her dealings. the reason why i wrote this is to ask all of u who have the remaining package to be careful...

      it was my last pedi with her and i did sms her about the cny charges and her sms showed $5 per service and from 20 jan onwards. after the service, i was shocked when she told me they have last min changed their policy. and she charged me $10! it was double the price! oh yes, i forgot to mention that peace actually told me in the sms that the cny charges start from 20 jan and $5. but today is only 18 jan and she said that her boss has last min brought forward the date for the charges...

      so ladies, please be careful of her tactics....

      i was very angry with her coz she didn't tell me about the charges at the beginning of the service. this is so unethical!!! daylight cheating!!!

      can u imagine if u agree to have any other things to be added during the service? the charges u pay is definitely more than the package per service.

      i'm going to report to CASE and i would like to appeal to anyone with similar experience to do so. this is to make our case strong and CASE will take action against them!