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Apple Cider Vinegar for Scar Treatment

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar for Scar Treatment

    My friend refered me to another forum some time ago on scar treatment.

    That is to apply diluted Apple Cider vinegar (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water) onto the face every twice a day or more and to drink 8 glasses of water, with each glass containing half a teaspoon of lemon.

    So far, I have tried using Apple Cider vinegar for a couple of weeks, my friend says the red marks on my face have improved slightly, but the process seems to be rather slow.

    Has anyone tried this method before? What's your take on this?

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    mine was a real short stint.

    tried for 3-4 nights, my hubby protested over the smell. was like some soiled socks, i agreed.


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      i tried before. I find it's a very effective toner for face.

      A very cheap and effective method to have radiant looking skin. I did it for a month, then stop. Cos i do most things with "3min heat".


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        u can *tahan the smell? or u mask it w/ some goodies?

        *tahan = withstand


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          LOL! I couldnt tahan to smell when I first use! I rem applying it before happily going to office, but I felt the smell lingered on for the whole day! Bleahz!

          But subsequently, I applied the vinegar first, then followed by my moisturizer. So that sort of cover the stinky smell!


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            vernis joker, i know to a certain extend i'm kinda sick.

            Actually i loveeee the smell of bragg's ACV.

            I just applied a layer of this with a facial brush and leave on for 5mins and rinse off with water. Sometimes i leave it on longer as i'm typing away in cc.


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              if it is for the acidic content, why not try lemons?
              i used to do that once in a while


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                Lemon not for lazy ppl like me. Still have to squeeze them. hehehe...

                ACV just pour some into a cup, the dab with facial brush on face. Very easy job for me.


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                  i always thot :

                  Lemon stings, ACV stinks

                  i used Heinz brand ACV. i can't tahan chips w/ vinegar thus i detest ACV i think.


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                    I have been using ACV as a toner for a long time.. almost 1 year. A friend told me a lot of Taiwanese gals do that, basically because ACV has many many benefits.

                    It helps to kill germs/bacterial, soften the skin, balances the skin ph level, plus it is a cheap toner to start off with!

                    I used to have obvious pinkish scars on my cheeks, now they have gone alot lighter. Go and try, really no harm, but of course you have to first overcome the barrier of the stinking smell


                    So why not??


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                      i got a bottle of ACV at home, how to use as toner? just apply on face or to mix?
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                        Can start with 1 part ACV and 3 parts water.. build up your tolerance for ACV first. Then gradually can try 1 part ACV and 1 part water.

                        So far I have not tried ACV neat on my skin.


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                          It depends on the sensitivity of your skin. If the ACV is not diluted enough, it will sting and cause redness on your skin instead, cos its acid afterall.

                          Like what Divine said, try with 1 part ACV to 3-4 parts water, then gradually build your tolerance.


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                            yap i'm using as well on top of my toner,differin and acne cream. just 3-4 days into it. also heard from and got some advise from the threadstarter.

                            using heinz acv as well. don't think can find bragg's brans here -_-


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                              u can find Bragg's ACV at GNC and Nature's Farm.