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Any good shampoo without sls or any irritants?

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  • Any good shampoo without sls or any irritants?

    Hi all, any good shampoo without sls or any irritants? Not really looking for organic cos some of their ingredients can also be really harsh. And I find the pricing is rarely worth it because they just dump some herbal cocktail.

    My scalp is very sensitive and oil with dandruff and I can't really use coconut extracts and essential oils. Would use Eucerin ph5 but it has sls.

    I'm currently using Klorane and it really sucks.
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    Try deep cleansing shampoo. It helps to remove excess oils and dirt from your hair. However, some might feel that it dries out your hair. Ultimately, it all roots down to what is your hair type and condition. So, if you find it too dry for your hair, you can always reduce the usage to once or twice per week. I myself is using Vantachi deep cleansing shampoo from Japan. Bought it from ThePrettyJerk!

    Link here:

    Hope it helps!


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      Im using Retrieve Soft Cleansing 003 Shampoo with its treatment.
      Can be purchased in Chinatown Swatsons and certain Venus outlets.


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        Do you have a Sally's where you live? They have so much. And it's all good. Lots of organic. And they all smell so good! You hair will feel like you conditioned it. I got a chemical bun from my hair being striped. And they have the only products that work for me, and have the chemical burn not come back. I'm not giving you a brand name, because they all are great at that shop.