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Where do you buy natural cosmetics and body care?

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  • Where do you buy natural cosmetics and body care?

    I go online sometimes, as regular stores seem to be expensive. Was wondering if there is any good spot in Singapore I missed?
    Please, share

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    For cosmetics, if you're talking about mineral cosmetics (?) then I normally shop online for products, on They have different sellers selling reasonably priced mineral cosmetic products that really work well for me IMO, but of course choosing which shade would definitely be a problem, though they do sell samples.

    The same goes for body care products, but there's the Yuan soap, a Taiwanese organic/natural brand that sells different kinds of bar soap which is worth a try. A tip is to cut a piece of the soap and put it on a soap dish to use, as exposing a soap bar to water will speed up the process of it "disappearing". I got them at a Unity shop at AMK Hub, you're able to get them at and too. Other than Yuan soaps, I get most of my soaps from, particularly cold-process soaps.



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      thanks for your recommendations. looks great I love natural and organic stuff, but I'd better find some reasonable prices soon or my entire salary will be going to cosmetics ...


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        Take a look at The skincare products are handmade with natural ingredients