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Plastic surgery in Korea - I need your advice

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  • Plastic surgery in Korea - I need your advice

    Hello everyone, as in the other thread about plastic surgery several topics overlap, I thought of start a thread of my own!
    I did a lot of research, but in the end I found the clinic for my eye revision. One less problem!
    But since I'm also interested in other surgeries, here I am asking you to help.
    I contacted various clinics, and all they answered me (late and slowly).
    But I'm too afraid to make mistakes, then I would choose the best clinic for the following surgical procedures: face liposuction, masseter reduction (without necessarily touching the bones of the jaw) and maybe a facelift for sagging skin resulting in liposuction (but I'm still unsure if undergo the lifting).
    Which is the best? I have already written to Banobagi, JW, Regen, ID (even though I read the negative reviews about this)...or do you suggest others?
    After this long post, I ask for your help!

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

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    I am planning to go to Korea for face surgery in Sept.. Anyone wanna join me? We can look out for each other.

    At the moment, I am keen on ITEM Clinic. Got a quote from them, will cost about total S$11k for eyelid, nose & full face & lip fat graft.


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      Does anyone have experience with Seoul TouchUp? I explored their website. Gosh. They promise too much for a little budget? Is this reliable? I want to choose face contouring in korea. US is quite expensive. Any suggestions for Pitangui?


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        You can ask to Korea Plastic Surgeon and can see more result.

        :: SMPS Global ::


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          Hi! Are you back from korea? How was the results?i plan to go on march next year ,looking for companion


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            Pitangui is Best Plastic Surgery clinic in seoul.Dr.Yoo have so many experience in this Plastic surgery fields and also the clinic have lot of surgeons who are well versed in plastic surgery.


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              Everyone !!!

              I heard someone talk with me : Because you are a foreigner, so hospital will talk with you high price more than Korean. If you go to Korea for plastic surgery, you should go with a Korean and you will have a best price.

              That's Right????

              I don't want to pay too much money for unfounded like that !


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                Hi At last you decided???which hospital you going to choose for plastic surgery???

                In Korea there are so many Best plastic surgery clinic in Seoul.


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                  hello! have you decided which clinic you opt?
                  i keen to go to either banobagi or dr oz clinic to done my jaw.
                  any suggestion or review? thanks!


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                    Gosh the date is drawing near. I want to go korea for my surgery this end mid November. anyway wants to join, please let me know Respond here okay.