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  • cristalle 21 skincare

    I read about their beautifying mask which claims to detoxify the skin thus leading to lesser breakouts. I was wondering if anyone has used it as yet?

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    This is by Paris Cristalle? At Watsons Taka? Was 'frightened' by their mid-aged SA during their launching week... not cheap right??

    The Perak princess is so pretty but they made her so auntie in their main TV ad.


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      so anybody tried their pdts yet? watson now got any 2 of these pdts: revitalising fluid,cristalle essence,eye gel,natural beauty cream,beautifying mask and get a cristalle 21 moisture balance(worth $79) free.


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        Is it good?
        Local brand no?

        OT:I think the owner of this beauty line owns a Rolls Royce.


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          bought the revitalising fluid at $67.
          Its quite costly for a 15ml bottle before discount,nevertheless the lotion felt good upon applying. It feels like the skin is tightened and the pores are shrink.


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            I got it from Watson today...bought the Skin Workout (skin detox mask serum) & White Jubilee (whitening skin repair essence)...suppose to whiten & firm @$80+ each, and suppose to get one of their serum for problem skin free but ran out of stock-the sales person was so nice to offer to deliver personally to my house tmr. Anyway, Thought I give it a try as I understand that even the Brunei Royal family visit Cristalle De Paris for treatments....and Sugarsweet u r rt abt the Rolls Royce to ferry their VIPs.


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              Originally posted by vernis
              This is by Paris Cristalle? At Watsons Taka? Was 'frightened' by their mid-aged SA during their launching week... not cheap right??

              The Perak princess is so pretty but they made her so auntie in their main TV ad.
              me too i was frightened off by their SA, super pushy and kept asking me to go for their facials and called me on my mobile like 3 times before I told them to back off


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                bumping up this super old thread

                just bought the skin detox mask, costs $88.90 for a 30g jar

                hope to see good results soon!

                anyone using any products?


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                  no one using their products?

                  well, i have been using Skin Detox Mask for 3 days straight and i am seeing results it claims, will update again once i finish the strict one week regime

                  those having alot of clogged pores, you will love this product but just to make sure, gonna wait out the full one week before commenting if this is good/bad!


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                    Cristalle 21 - Skin Workout (Skin Detox Mask)

                    Size: 30g (one size only)
                    Price: SGD 88.90
                    Purchase from: Watsons (should be only available selected watsons if i'm not wrong, seen it at TPY HDB Hub & Tiong Bahra Plaza outlets)

                    My main concern & condition of skin: due to usage of unsuitable product a few months ago, i have many clogged pores on my forehead and cheeks (hard, bumpy, headless, flesh coloured, look like i got rice grains stuck on face) and 'they' take turn erupting into pimples non stop (a failed attempt to count the numbers on forehead some time ago - managed to reach 30 and my eyes went 'crossed' so stopped counting), amount of clogs also as much on my cheeks

                    Product Description (from their website): An award-winning product, this is a skin detox mask that exercises your skin while you sit back and relax. Skin Workout cleanses, purifies and revitalizes your skin to prevent acne, diminish pores and eliminate blackheads. At the same time, the formula tones your facial tissues and muscles, refreshing your skin and making it soother and more supple <- why is this sounding like SKII SRT?? ( i have checked the packaging before, no 'acid/BHA/AHA' and 'alcohol' in ingredient)

                    Product Usage (advised by their SA): cleanse (no need toner) -> this mask -> oil-free & hydration purpose moisturizer (SA did say there is no need for this step but you can do it if you have such moisturizer OR you can get their Skin Solace moisturizer <- yah, they always rec their own product, don't they?)

                    Duration of mask on face: after you apply thin layer, leave it on for 15mins, after that slowly & gently massage your skin in circular motions (will have some flakes - i did not get flakes from 3rd use onwards), wash off with water

                    Other advises/info from SA: the product applies on as a clear gel (look greeny clear in bottle, transparent on face), after 15 mins when you massage, you will feel the gel became 'water' + 'oil', the 'oil' is actually the junk inside our pores which is being 'detox'/'dissolve' out

                    My progress: due to the condition of my face, SA advise me to use the steps advised every night for one week and she also tweaked my morning skincare routine too to better complement their product, BIG CHANGES i noticed:

                    1) my forever erupting pimples STOP totally the next morning after first usage (2 pimples did threaten to pop out in the midst of this one week - during that time of the month BUT it's pretty normal so i don't think it's the mask causing it)

                    2) those hard bumpy clogs shrink (shrink more & more each day) -> these clogs are very visible even with thick makeup BUT after the 3rd day of usage, i can 'hide' them with thin layer of foundation by 50%

                    3) oil production on face lesser during day (not sure if it's my eyes seeing things OR due to the tweaking of morning skincare routine BUT there is really abit lesser oil during day)

                    Conclusion: for almost SGD90 for a tiny jar of 30g mask, it is definitely costly BUT i feel it is every cents worth it, this is DEFINITELY something i will keep on my dresser as a maintanence product