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Sagging checks at the age of 23

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  • Sagging checks at the age of 23

    Hi cotters,

    I'm 23 this year but I noticed I have saggy cheeks problem.
    Nobody in the office would believe that I am actually 23 because of how old I look.

    I used to have acne problems and red face because of the scars. Now it's all cured.
    My new problem is saggy cheeks and wrinkles around my eye.

    I think it might be BB cream.
    Nature Republic BB snail cream.

    My skincare routine:
    0) Hada Labo Cleanser
    1) Dr John Chiam's toner
    2) Clinique's all about eyes around my eyes
    3) Nature Republic BB snail cream.

    I really want to get some help in removing my saggy cheeks. If I enlarge my eyes, I can see folds on my forehead too.
    It is VERY scary if you have this at the age of 23 while all your other friends have those baby-butt faces!

    Any ideas what I can do?
    And where can I get these kind of treatment for less than $250?
    It is $300 / laser session at Dr John Chiam. Highway robbery?

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    How about Botox? I read online about some write up by bloggers who are only 21 years old and they have started doing botox. But from your picture, I think you look pretty enough, not saggy at all.


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      I'm sorry.
      Cozycot doesn't inform me of replies to the thread. =(
      My display picture is so low resolution. Everyone can look good in a certain angle at a certain kind of lighting,

      Botox makes people dependent on it right?
      It's just a nicer form of drugs to me.
      I hate it when my lines appear when I smile!
      ( At the eyes area )

      I use Clinique's "All about eyes" every morning before applying BB cream.
      It still doesn't help.

      Could it be because I breathed in too much second-hand smoke from my dad since young?


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        You can try Gua Sha facial as it helps in lifting
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          You should use galvanic Spa! It definitely improve saggy cheek skin. I used to smoke slot when I'm younger and my skin is really bad. Now I'm skin much smoother, fairer and tighter after using the galvanic Spa. I highly recommend It for everyone!


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            Woah! I'll go do research on both recommendations. Thanks for the recommendations!! ^^


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              You can try Frankincense essential oil. I recommended it to a friend with saggy cheeks. And her skin is firmer now.