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Prom plus some random Pics :)

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  • Prom plus some random Pics :)

    Hello! Putting up some of my last prom pics coz I'm bored

    Make up was done at MAC, thought the smokey eyes were weird and twas a tad too thick and my brows were too thick and basically didn't really like it.. aiyah. Stop complaining, its over! I don't look as good normally though, and I just permed my hair!

    Dress from Fredericks. Altered to fit

    Look out for Charms I tried to post pics with two of us inside

    No close up coz I'm shy! LOL.
    CLICK HERE for the link. I took all the photos from everyone else coz I was lazy to bring a camera
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    Ju-on part II or is this Ring 3 or whatsoever~

    Nice prom pics!


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      Oops, still new to this uploading thing. here's my resized scary pic with charm that Tea was talking about.

      from our TSD haunted house during funfair
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        You're a TSD student Rach? A51 then? That was how it went during my time I think...

        Your prom dress is awesome! I got mine from boring Daniel Yen. How much did yours cost?

        I like the dress worn by the other girl in the last pic too!

        Was it at Ritz again?


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          Mine as about $80SGD including the shipping to SG

          Daniel Yam has great fits! Nearly got one too The girl's dress is from Phuture London IIRC

          My year the tsd batch was A52 & A55 Were u in arts too grace?

          Yes it was Ritz again, they served us awful food!


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            Geez! That's cheap! Was it on sale? What is Federicks URL?

            Nope, I was from S23 double maths, physics, econs. I think it's become a very small faculty now.

            I don't remember much about the prom food. Over the years, you'll probably only remember taking lots of photos (everyone overly made up) and the post prom hotel with class (if you had any). We booked a room at Marina Mandarin. Couldn't afford the Ritz.

            Well, the Daniel Yam/Yen whatever dress is sitting in my closet probably unused for the rest of it's life. Way too formal. Maybe can use again for wedding dinner. Hahaha


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              Wow interesting pictures you have there!


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                haha omg i miss tsd! hey rach did i pass u the photos i developed for u?
                anyway, here are even more photos of our prom! more pics here!


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                  you girls looked so pretty and dolled up!
                  I rach's hostel mate's dress!


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                    Rach you're from VJ? Me too! I graduated 2 years ago. My sister is still there though!


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                      so many people from VJC? haha what a small world!


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                        i like the makeup you girls did for TSD. it must have been fun. my bf and i are both VJ vetrans, nearly a decade back. so, it's nice to see ex or current victorians here.


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                          haha hi rachel,

                          now i get to take a close look at your pretty dress. looks really sexy, the colours. oh and i like your friend, huan's dress as well. so designer-ish. heh

                          helo as well charmaine,
                          i'm supposed to get my UrbanOutfitters and Abercrombie stuff from you. thanks so much for helping with the netshop acct! oh, i'm from VJ too in case you didn't know. :booty:

                          oh yea, i can't believe i missed the haunted house cos i was too busy helping out at my class' booth. you guys must have had lots of fun tormenting your visitors right..


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                            hi saphiration, yes the huanted house was lots of fun, but i endured too many kicks from screaming girls, i was supposed to be the bloody pregnant woman..argh! no problem about the netshop thing


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                              rach, are you from anderson girl guides? HAHA you look *damn* familiar!