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    Hi May I know what brand do you all prefer for korea cosmetic? I am doing some research and survey. If you all dont mind ^^


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    I know of a korean website on StreetGAGA, here is the link Hope it helps


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        hello I am selling skin food BB cream and other stuff please feel free to take a look here janevy's items for sale on Carousell (Singapore, Singapore)


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          how much is the BB Cream?

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            hello @cybercritz thanks for the tip, I am selling the skinfood BB cream for $20, in the shops usually it is $28.


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              The korea cosmetic market is growing its demand because of the improving way of life of the Asians. There is a big growth of cosmetic companies that dominated the Asian market place – either domestic or international cosmetic company. Since there is a large prospective growth in the cosmetic industry and the ongoing trend of cosmetics in the Asian market, the Korean populace is looking forward for a more healthy skin care and hair care products for their particular needs.

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