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  • EMB magic potion

    Action 1: Protect your skin cells from the harmful UV rays from your environment.

    Action 2: Inhibit Tyrosinase from producing more melanin which is known for darkening skins.

    Action 3: Inhibit activity of collagenase and elastase, which break down elastin upon exposure to the sun, pollution, stress, etc

    Action 4: Speed up and encourage the production of new collagen and elastin in your skins.

    Action 5: Immediate replenish lost collagen and elastin in your skins.
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    Hi ladies.

    I'm selling Meiji Amino Collagen Drink: 6 x 75ml Bottles at $24.90 (Worth $34).
    Reason selling because was too greedy and brought too much.

    Collagen Drink is a beauty drink for basic beauty food for youthfulness and beauty.
    It has a Refreshing lemon flavour with sweet and sour taste (SO NO WORRIES IT WILL TASTE AWFULL) )
    •No sugar added (0% fats)
    •Chill it and shake before drinking
    •Fish-derived collagen; 1.5 times more easily absorbed than pig-derived collagen
    •Daily intake of collagen (5000mg) in a bottle
    •Easy and enjoyable to drink
    •Soluble and easily absorbed collagen peptide
    •Superb blending of collagen with carefully selected ingredients: Fish collagen 5000mg + Amino Acid (Arginine) 450mg + Glucosamine 60mg + Vitamin C 50mg
    •Each spoonful (about 7g) contains about 27kcal only; suitable for consumption even on low-calorie diet
    •Helps supplement collagen levels, which decrease quickly after age 20
    •Can be taken any time of the day
    •Capacity: 75ml per bottle; each box contains 6 bottles
    •Product contains wine (below 0.3%)

    ***If Interested, please pm me @ 81003420 )