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    Hollywood secrets :

    Any idea what are some of the services they are offering? any raves?

    Anyone knows how much they charge for day/night makeup?

    Any other places in town that offers make up services? or any other places you've been to for your makeup?
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    my friend goes there to pluck her eyebrows, i think the price is $10 or $15.


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      anyone helphelp! haha i've got event tomorrow


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        try instant glamour bugis


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          Cupp, where you want to go tomorrow?

          I know Clinique got free make over service so long you buy any 2 items from them. they also will ask you what kind of make up you want, what kind of party you going, they will do for you.

          I have tried once, it is a casual wear make up, it is good!


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            thanks all! that helps alot ahmay! will check it out. but purchase 2 items any two? quite out of my budget . im loookin at below 40$. Maybe will try Hollywood secrets.

            plasticdoll, bugis is way out for me. i'll be in orchard.

            it's a dinner. smart casual.


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              red earth?


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                i dun trust red earth stuff .... a lot of ppl got rashes using their stuff.
                unless u've tried their products before, i'll advised u to think twice.

                most cosmetic counters got this service for free if you buy some products from them.


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                  is it?
                  i didnt know

                  dont use red earth products


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                    Places, shops or counter that provides makeup services?

                    hey girls!!

                    I am looking for shops or counters that provide makeup services (like i pay them to do my makeup for an event)

                    does anyone here knows any shop or places?? esp personally experience good service? any good counter or shops does nice makeup??

                    i asking because later this yr i am going to attend a gathering!

                    thanks all

                    updated: dont tell me no one did such service before?
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                      I've done my makeover @ Hollywood Secrets few years ago. The overall service is good. The MUA will ask me what's my makeup look preference & she'll do according to my request. I paid $50 for makeup + hairdo altogether.


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                        i've tried makeup at Anna Sui's counter (at robinsons raffles city). buy products above $50 to get free makeover

                        I remember shu uemura, paul n joe, lancome(isetan scotts), bobbi brown have such service... u'll need to check for the pricing. Normally the pricing will be 50 and above. (most of time, $$ redeemable for products)

                        you've have to make a appointment way before ur event though.. the makeover are like hotcakes..


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                          oh my thanks Cups.. for helping me to repost !

                          lol.. i do like to know about it too! hahaha


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                            Hi cookingmama,

                            You can try CHARME at Far East Plaza. Think the unit is #04-105 but do call 67336958 to check it out and make appt. Look for the young female boss, Eve.

                            Her shop is a one stop beauty svc. Her services has eyebrow trimming, mani/pedi and makeup svcs for events n hairstyling too iirc. I personally used to go to her for eyebrow trimming but now i went to eyebrow threading (cheaper) near my home. I like her skills in trimming. I also saw her doing makeup for other customers b4. Quite natural and nice.

                            I try to google to find her site but don't seem to have one. I managed to find her ads i think,6994,BELLUS-de-CHARME.htm Do call her first to find out more. HTH..


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                              Just checked last Sunday, have not tried any of them, not sure if they are good though:

                              At CK Tangs
                              Chanel Makeup counter : $120 (1 week advance booking required)
                              MAC Makeup counter : Purchase items for $120 to enjoy the makeup (3 days advance booking required)

                              At Vivo
                              Inouvi : $45 onwards