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  • Essential oils / aromatherapy

    (I did a search for this topic but nothing came up. )

    Well, here's a fragrance newbie! I'm very new to essential oils, and after buying a burner from The Body Shop, I've been looking around for oils to burn. What are some of your favourite essential oil scents? I'm looking for an essential oil with soothing and relaxing effects, but anything goes!

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    i'm currently using TBS lavender essential oil.. to be honest i don't smell anything.. not sure whether there's something wrong with my nose or i'm not using it correctly..


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      For sleeping:
      Lavender, camomile and geranium

      To keep out insects/mozzies:

      To feel awake:
      Grapefruit, lemon

      I have several essential oils. So I tend to mix and match and try them out. I have not tried rosemary, peppermint, sandalwood, rose absolute yet (though I have them). Sometimes I will add bergamot or rosewood to the above too.

      I find my faves are: lavender, camomile, geranium, grapefruit and probably rose.

      Pure rose eo is very expensive though.


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        yes rose absolute essential oil is very expensive. i lost my vial when i moved some years back. it hurts just to think about it. cost me $500


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          The one i love best is neroli, can't live without it.


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            love the smell of Rose Mary and Peppermint (Razzmatazz pure aromatherapy)

            Heard that for studying Sage is good, it induces the brain?

            And for sinus/sensitive nose like mine you should use Eucalyptus...
            Currently using the Bel'Air one in which you use the catalytic burner using a thread...
            Its quite good..


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              Thank you so much gals! I'll be checking out the essential oils recommended on this thread. Today I bought Sweet Orange and Lavender, but I haven't tried them out yet.

              The other day I bought Ylang Ylang, but I found it very disappointing. I guess it doesn't "click" with my body chemistry very well! I found it too woody and heady.

              Oh yes! I stumbled upon this website, and it seems very useful:



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                i Like TBS essential lavender & peppermint...


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                    Went for the talk and it is definately very informative for me! I learn how to mix and match different e/o according the the In Essence booklet

                    I wouldn't have missed it for the world!!


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                      I personally prefer to use Jurlique essential oils for their quality.
                      I love that they have several essential oil blends eg. romance, tranquility, pampering, travel, relief, wise woman, woman's harmony etc to accompany their pure essential oil range. I like that their pure essential oils are just that, unlike InEssence that have 20% in jojoba mixes that cost the earth. I'd much rather mix my own in that case.
                      Plus they own the only lavender that I like- spike lavender, which isn't sweet unlike alot of other lavender's I've smelt.

                      And if you think rose absolute is expensive, you should check out jasmine or worse, orris absolute. phwoarrrrrrrrrr!!!


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                        i found an interesting website that ships internationally. they've got many essence oil as well as a 100% shea butter cream that is so much cheaper than loccitane's.


                        where do u girls get pure essence oils at a not-too-expensive range?

                        where to find in-essence? how is price range like?
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                          I have orange, lavender, rose, Eucalyptus...but they are from malaysia...the smell doesnt last....

                          I quite like sandalwood and peppermint..will try that...Eucalyptus is a must for my sensitive nose...

                          Anyone noes where to get good and not so ex essensial oils?


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                            does anyone knows where to get really good essential oils? cos i was thinking of using them for massaging purposes, so was thinking of getting real good ones.. the shops that i used to go to had closed down.. so.....


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                              may i know how to burn these essential oils? where do i get the burner from?