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All about Japanese Cosmetics (ff/T'estimo/PN)

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  • All about Japanese Cosmetics (ff/T'estimo/PN)

    Haru! thanks so much! fantastic effort!
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    Thanks Haru, was about to consult you about their prices. Is Kate Dollish Mascara good (if u have tried or heard reviews on it), i intend to get.


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      Wow, you're a star! Thank you so much. That's really helpful of you.


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        i think this thread has become more than a Japan price list thread. It's a haru Q&A session!! hahaha...

        My qn...

        1) where can Palgantong Theatrical Powder be found?
        2) PN has empty palettes to fit in 2 or 3 e/s, do u have the price for them too?
        3) What's the name of the eye palette from Testimo that you are raving on? - the new ones

        Sorry for bugging.


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          hi girls,

          just got back from the drugstore (doing more CPs) and picked up some samples of the new Stila cleanser and cleansing oil. Also got free samples of RMK Skintuner 2 and Liquid Fdn 102...i love Japanese customer service!!

          Vernis, i haven't tried the Kate Dollish mascara..sorry i can't help!

          Caramel Girl,
          1. Palgantong Theatrical Powder is sold in many drugstores over here and it comes in many sizes, 10g, 30g, 50g and more. They don't seem to have an official website but it's also sold on some online shops. Try this....


          The product range is quite limited, just base makeup. They also have a mascara.

          2.PN has two cases for its eye selects. Both Case II and Case III are 1050 yen according to the official website.

          3. The T'estimo e/s palettes that I liked are the Fresh Clear Eyes palettes.


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            haru, you got everyone lemming for more Japanese's product!
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              Am here to enable ;-p i'm definitely going to miss Japan's drugstores...Watsons just can't compare!


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                Thanks Haru!! The threatrical powder comes in so many sizes?? Think a small is good enough, save $$$.


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                  Actually, what's the deal about the Palgantong powder? What makes it so popular? The 'theatrical' makes me nervous. Those heavily-powdered Geisha faces come to mind There's only one shade, eh?

                  Vernis, just get the KATE Dollish! Even if there're as many raves for its Curl Memory as there're rants. You get to try something not available in SG, at least.


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                    hi vernis,

                    the smallest size avail is 10g for 630yen, q affordable to just try out n includes a puff. It also comes in 30g, 50g, 75g and 100g.

                    glossie, yup only one shade is avail... i don't know y it's popular but it sells q well over here and can b found in most drugstores.


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                      hi iris (haru),

                      Do the drugstores sell the Palgantong Theatrical Powder at 25% off too?

                      Thanks, you've been our so far!


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                        Hi Iris, looks like you will be very busy updating prices, CPs, and answering our queries. But nevertheless, thanks for coming up with this thread.

                        But can i ask how much is the Nars lipgloss and lip lacquer? TIA.


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                          CaramelGirl, no discount available for Palganthong, I'm afraid. The drugstores usually discount what they term 'counselling brands' which are brands by Shiseido, Kanebo, Kose. But not all brands made by these three companies are discounted. For example, Majolica is never on discount unless the drugstore is having a storewide discount.

                          Eternity, the Nars lipgloss 3150yen, lipstick is 3360 yen and i think the liplacquer is around 2400yen. Will have to double check on the lip lacquer but it's around that range.


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                            Iris, I haven't receive the CP you sent me, BUT I AM ALREADY CONTEMPLATING what are the next items I should get you to CP for me!! Terrible me!!

                            This Palganthong theatrical powder is my next must-have then!!! i saw it in Ray magazine, totally blown away.

                            The advertisement said it was from UK since 1910, for use on theatres and plays. Now it has been "revamped" by Dodo company to suit asia climates and skin. It is long lasting, non-drying, has a matte finish and is transparent in color. Selling numbers in Japan everyday : 15,000!!!!!!

                            So i will definitely ask you to CP for me next round, cannot wait

                            P.S. you are really our saviour to get non-singapore-available-items!!!!


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                              Hi Iris, the website you indicated show some of the palgantong powers with compacts too, are they the same thing? loose powder and pressed power form. Are they sold together or separately?

                              Bee, 15000 sold everyday in Japan?!! I'm amazed! :wow: