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    Hi ladies, hope you can help me out with this enquiry.

    I will like to create a frosty look, very icy, very cool feel ala attitude look.

    What kind of colors should I look for with regards to the:
    blusher -
    e/s -
    lip color -

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mm, this is one of my favourite looks, though I cannot pull it off myself!

    Everything listed here is from MAC.
    (Edited to add descriptions)

    Frozen White Pigment (icy white with light blue/violet undertone)
    Frost Pigment (white frost with shimmer)

    lip color
    Scent Me Lipglass (pale lavender-pink)
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      Well this is one of my favourite "icy/cool" looks but bear in mind I'm fair so I'm not sure if the colours will work on you! Personally I think this kinda look calls for a lot of shimmer & highlighters.

      blusher - pale pink with tons of shimmer

      I use: Benefit Dandelion, layered with Tony & Tina Cosmetic in Nude (shimmer), layered with Stila AOS loose powder in *6 (pink glitter) or *9 (brown/nude glitter)

      Effect is a shimmery but very "glowy" look on your cheeks.

      e/s - you can try a pink or lilac eye

      I use:

      Jane It's a Girl as base, I Nuovi Fairy as Wash, I Nuovi Fever in crease + Black eyeliner (pink eye) or

      Jane Sugar Daddy as base, I Nuovi Fairy as Wash, I Nuovi Uranus in crease + Black eyeliner

      The black eyeliner is impt 'cos it transforms what would be a simple sweet day look into a more "drama" look. Purple would also be more "icy" than pink 'cos pink by nature makes you look sweet.

      lip color - any glossy /wet pink or light purple lip gloss (depending on your e/s)



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        awww~ this is interesting..i like this look too.. always seen ppl highlighting their eye area frosty snow-like.. bought a few eye-shadow but i always use the same color! pink. haha..

        eileen: let me know when you've try out.. i'm plain lazy to put on make-up.. haha

        p/s: what's the main purpose for MAC pigment?


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          p/s: what's the main purpose for MAC pigment?
          They are more commonly used as eyeshadows (only the eye-safe ones please ), lips (only the life-safe ones), and as cheek colours. You can also mix some into nail polish.

          vonvonne's eyeshadow suggestions are great, I love I Nuovi Fairy too!

          EDITED TO ADD:

          MAC Pigments on Lips
          (External link)
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            Thanks so much for the suggestion, vonvonne and poochi. Caryll, no problem.. you will be the first person i tell... besides, you already look very pretty without make-up. I love love love your long and silk hair, so unlike mine which is like dry grass.


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              Have fun trying out the colours & mixing & matching to create diff looks & see what you like. That's the fun in playing with make-up!

              I agree with poochi! I Nuovi Fairy is a really versatile shade I like to use, it's a shimmery purplish pink shot with silver glitter. The shade can be used as a wash to match pink, purple, blue, grey & even green e/s.


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                i want inouvi fairy now.. after the rave.. since it's affordable pricing. i'm totally broke now.. can't get my stila orient palette now.. convinced myself that i don't need m/u as much as clothing.. :roll:

                anyone have discount for inouvi?

                sasa's eye paint selling at $9.90. btw, are babypink eye color cream good? i don't want to waste $ on high end product and end up seldom use. abit cheapo.. haha

                eileen: probably i rebond my hair before.. and i've very little hair.. haha.. and my face is breaking out.. too engrossed in CC that i slept late..


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                  i nuovi members have 10% off. but sometimes metro has promos like 10 - 20% off.


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                    How will I get to know when metro is going to have the promos..?


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                      usually if they've storewide discount they'll be ads in the papers. as for the 10% off, it's by luck i guess. 'cos sometimes i'll be walking around & i'll spot it. maybe you can follow the make-up promotions thread to know about the latest promotions.


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                        Alrightly. Thanks alot.