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Britney Spears Curious Perfume

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  • Britney Spears Curious Perfume

    Got perfume promotion at Ck tang. I quite like the smell, not too strong. I feel like buying.. ***** worth?

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    got a sample of it, errrr i find it sickening sweet


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      I actually really like this perfume! I love the smell of magnolias and I love sweet stuff so this is right up my alley.

      If you do buy get the 100ml it's 106 I think and has that pretty pump spray thingy


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        The price I know coz i was working there but not promotion on Britney Spears but doing Calvin Klein, haha I totally no mood to work for Ck wanna go work for Britney Spears.


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          I tried it last Thursday at Tangs...not really my kind of scent. But I like the bottle, especially with the "pump". Really nice.


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            The pump makes it easier to spray on body. I play on the sample also got a feeling of going back to the past when those rich ladies use their perfumes.


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              Yes, I love the bottle so must get the 100ml special pump one. Sigh, but I really can't bring myself to fork out 100+ buckeroos for it.


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                Re: Britney Spears Curious Perfume

                Originally posted by Refusion
                Got perfume promotion at Ck tang. I quite like the smell, not too strong. I feel like buying.. ***** worth?

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                  Jean, u missed it. Davis was actually selling her 100ml at $50 before! Is gone now.

                  After testing it, i quite like it too! Also, Escada new perfume


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                    me too being obessed by this perfume.maybe getting it next month!!


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                      i've been thinking of it <b>non-stop</b> ever since i set eyes on it at tangs last evening *tsk tsk*.

                      iirc, there's a promotion until this thurs. you get a free blue handbag (not fantastic material, but ok for weekend-wear with jeans) with every 100ml ($106) purchased.

                      i don't particularly love the fragrance, but the bottle is super-cute.... so i guess i can learn to accept the scent afterall

                      think i'm going back for it tonight


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                        i wanted to try but so busy, maybe this weekend? was attracted to the "pump" too but will it get messy during usage?? if i till the bottle, will leak??


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                          I think the scent is quite nice, but not tempting enough for me to buy. But the bottle is very tempting!!

                          Anyone knows where to buy this kind of spray bottle?


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                            those push carts (sometimes at bugis/ junction 8 ) that sells mini perfume vials with decanted perfume.... they do have some pump bottles too, but not as fanciful.

                            anyway, kill me ladies (i spent again??!!)... i finally succumbed and bought 100ml "curious" at tangs yesterday, got the free handbag + samples + paper bag. it's real pretty, the colour, the bottle, the pink-heart trinklet.... but gosh 100ml is such a big bottle, wonder when i'd ever finish spraying it. my friend suggested that i use it as an air-freshener to exhaust it what an expensive freshener indeed

                            no more cosmetics or fragrance shopping for march.


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                              Celest, you spent! (won't kill you, but whipped you instead )

                              Maybe the scent will grow on you and you don't have to use it as an air freshener.