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Expiry Date for Facial Masks?

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  • Expiry Date for Facial Masks?

    Hmm, couldn't find any info from any of the threads, so will post it here.

    I bought *many* packs of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness facial masks a couple of months ago from Guardian's Pharmacy. There was a promotional offer of 2 masks + 1 facial cleanser = $16.90. However, due to an advertising error, they had to sell me 5 masks + 1 facial cleanser for $16.90. I bought at least a dozen sets of them (too good a deal to resist!).

    Anyway, I've given most of the cleansers away, and am slowly trying to use up the masks, but I'm not sure if there's an expiry date for such facial masks? The box doesn't indicate an expiry date, and the SAs at Guardian's / Watsons know nuts too. Girls, any idea?

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    I haven't heard of this either. Maybe up to a year? But definitely when weird stuff start showing up on the masks, stop using!


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      I have no idea either..i dump mine into the fridge..maybe this will help prolong the shelf life?


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        I did asked SAs before. They did said its 3 years from the day it was manufactured.


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          hihi, those who have the neutrogena fine fairness mask, do you notice a date at the back of the pack? if yes, anyone knows whats that for? thanks!!!!


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            I assume it's the date of manufacture?