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XISHIMEI Skincare (from China)

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  • XISHIMEI Skincare (from China)

    Where can I get this cream, XISHIMEI--SILK PEPTIDE CREAM made by WUXI??

    This one in particular -->
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    I have it, bought it IN Wuxi when I went there on tour 2 years back...
    you know how China tours always bring you to a factory/workshop and then they extoll the virtues of their miraculous products? (silk quilts, pearls, jade, first-aid cream?) yep.

    IMVHO, we got all carried away, and I bought 6 pots of the stuff, and have never used it on my face once I touched down in Singapore. (only opened 1 pot in China, cos my moisturiser was not emollient enough). It's quite fragranced, and it doesn't sink into your skin - it forms a layer over it, which I don't quite like.

    Just fyi


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      I've been using their products for over a year, and I must say I'm still impressed. Same here, got these during one of those Wuxi trips. It's really quite good, just that it's not good to overbuy the products there as you'll have a hard time finishing it.

      I've been using this as a eyegel, and it's fantastic!

      I've been using this cream lately as a night cream, over jojoba oil. I bought pearl powder from the outlet in Wuxi too, and still have lots to finish up!


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        I saw sasa selling this the product , not many range i think ,my mom used it before,my sister bought it from china.


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          Great! Now I know where to go when I run out of stock. Hope the prices would be similar to those in Wuxi.


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            Reviving this thread.

            Went to check out at Sasa Bugis Junction but they no longer carry this range anymore.

            Anybody know other places carrying thisproduct?

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              Where to buy Xishimei Products

              You can buy all Xishimei products off a website in the U.S. at


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                All the Xishimei products can be purchased through the internet at They will ship anywhere in the world