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    Before posting your questions, please read this:
    It may already answer your sunscreen questions! However, if you don't feel that it does, please post here. I update the above thread periodically and value your input.

    If you have a sunscreen review, please do fellow Cotters a favour and post it under CozyPurrs if possible. If you can't find your product, post it on the Your favourite sunscreen/sunblock thread:


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    I've checked out Basic Beauty today. There are just so many types to choose from!

    Which Sunkiller are you using?


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      I like Clearwater 50 because it's the lightest. If you like shimmer, Beauty Skin Water 50 is good. Powder-in Milk 50 has menthol and is best kept for the body only.

      If you're going to be spending long hours in the sun, you're better off with Clear Milk 85 or the tinted Lift-tight skin tone Milk 135.

      The others in the range have only PA+ or ++ and do not give sufficient protection.


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        Sunkiller - where to find?

        just bought clear water Nishino pharmacy at takashimaya @ 20% off. i only paid abt $8.70 for it only.........!!!!
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          so sorry about it. but i don't know whether am i allowed to ask a question here. but want to ask where is the cheapest to get sunkiller now? Nishino Pharmacy 20% off still avaliable? other places got promotions?


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            Originally posted by elainetsai
            Hi i've read through our suncreen boards and i didnt find the answer to my question, so I hope i don't get for posting a question here.

            Erm, it's a stupid question so here goes...

            If i have a foundation with 20 spf and a suncreen with 20 spf, do i get a protection of 40 spf if i use both together, or is it still 20?

            Thanks to all of u in advance!!
            I think i saw the same question some time back and they say it does not add up if i'm not wrong. It's still SPF 20.


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              Thanks Ponine! I have deleted my post to clear up this thread.


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                Originally posted by elainetsai
                Thanks Ponine! I have deleted my post to clear up this thread.
                Oh no need for that! I'm adding your question to the Sunscreen notes pinup The entire thread has been edited for easier reading - enjoy!
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                  Sunkiller finally got back to me! They still listed Nishino at Daimaru, and I assume it's under Meidi-ya now.

                  Basic Beauty Pte Ltd
                  The Heeren, 260 Orchard Road #03-07 S(238855) 6738 0126

                  Jurong Pro Shop
                  9 Science Centre Rd 6560 7370

                  Loke Skin Clinic
                  1 Sophia Rd #04-20 Peace Centre S(228149) 6337 4926

                  Nishino Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd
                  391-A Orchard Rd #B2 Takashimaya S C S(238859) 6735 1226

                  Nishino Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd
                  Meidi-ya Supermarket 177 River Valley Rd S(179030) 6337 5831 (?)

                  Nishino Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd
                  350 Orchard Rd #B1 Shaw House S(23886 6835 3305

                  Sea World Collections
                  No. 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Road #01-09 Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal S(498833) 6542 7730

                  Elfe` Cosmetic Counter
                  Isetan Tampines Mall 4 Tampines Central #02-16 S(529510) 6787 9812

                  Sa Sa Cosmetics Outlets

                  Wisma Atria
                  435 Orchard Rd #01-14/15 S(238877) 6738 8232

                  Marina Square
                  6 Raffles Boulevard #02-235 S(039594) 6339 1498

                  Parco Bugis Junction
                  200 Victoria Street #01-83/84 S(188021) 6336 9180

                  Great World City
                  1 Kim Seng Promenade #02-39 S(273994) 6238 0195

                  Jurong Point Shopping Centre
                  1 Jurong West Central 2 #02-44 S(648886) 6397 0989

                  NTUC Hougang Mall
                  90 Hougang Ave 10 #03-19 S(538766) 6383 3651

                  IMM Building
                  2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-68 S(609601) 6566 7512

                  Novena Square
                  238 Thomson Road #02-27 S(307683) 6254 3315

                  Clifford Centre
                  24 Raffles Place #01-06 S(048621) 6532 2311

                  Pan-West Pte Ltd Outlets

                  Laguna Main Pro-Shop
                  11 Laguna Golf Green S(488047) 6546 5055

                  Orchid Country Club Pro-Shop
                  1 Orchid Club Rd S(769162) 6759 9211

                  Paragon Shopping Centre

                  290 Orchard Rd #04-20/23 S(238859) 6735 1891

                  Parkland Golf Driving Range
                  920 East Coast Parkway S(449875) 6440 6726

                  Sentosa Golf Club
                  27 Bukit Manis Rd S(099892) 6275 1125

                  SICC Pro-Shop
                  180 Island Club Rd S(578774) 6453 1227

                  Suntec City Mall
                  3 Temasek Boulevard #02-033 S(038983) 6357 5133

                  Tee to Green Showroom
                  59 Jalan Pemimpin L & Y Building #01-03 S(57721 6354 0328

                  Transview Golf Pte Ltd Outlets

                  Singapore Island Country Club
                  240 Sime Rd S(288303) 6461 7443

                  Suntec City Mall
                  3 Temasek Boulevard #02-17/19 S(038983) 6339 3733

                  Transview Golf & Country Club
                  23 Folkstore Rd S(139599) 6872 1167

                  Green Fairways Pro-Shop
                  60 Fairway Drive S(286966) 6462 3833


                  - Gallen Sports at Parkway Parade (near Pastamania and What a Fish)
                  - AMK Bestway (near the starhub booth)
                  - British Essentials at Hougang Central (row of shops opposite Food Land minimart)

                  Thank you, everyone! Please check for errors, and I'll copy this to the Sunscreens pinup.
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                    Saresha, can I add that there is this shop at Hougang Central known as British Essentials also carries Sunkiller Do not know the exact address but it is along the row of shops opposite Food Land minimart


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                      Thanks again, Vonnie!


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                        I wonder ... is sunscreen absorbed into our skin? What I'm trying to find out is if after application, I find my face somewhat oily and thus use a tissue to wipe (such as one tissues off excess moisturiser on the face some minutes post application, after the required amount of moisturiser has been absorbed), would I be taking off the sun protection and in effect throwing money down the drain?


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                          Generally speaking, chemical sunscreens are absorbed and physical sunscreens just sit on the skin. So yes, you could very likely take the good stuff off. Blot, don't wipe, if you must. Or apply in light layers and wait for it to dry.

                          Btw, did you know there are Japanese blotting papers with a low SPF?


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                            Originally posted by saresha
                            Btw, did you know there are Japanese blotting papers with a low SPF?
                            Oh, you got me interested in this..... anymore information on this to share?


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                              I can't find the old thread on sunscreen and was hoping to find some recommendations =) please let me know if i should delete this post or move it.

                              THe sunkiller cool water spf 50 and spf 85 is not working for me =(
                              i'm definitely a couple of shades darker then before. No im not a sun fanatic, the only sun i get is from the flourescent light over my head, the computer screen and walking along orchard road!

                              any recs for both body and face sunblock would be greatly appreciated!