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    Went to Missha yesterday and got an es at $5.90 and eye pencil at $7.90. The eye shadow looks similar to Stila's Cha Cha- the same minty green but Missha's iridescent, and prettier IMO. Had been wearing it for about almost 5 hrs now and it's still looking good. Now I'm thinking abt swapping Stila's away! lol. Definately going back for more shades!

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    Well, i couldnt wait anymore too, so went check out.....The skincare range doesnt look appealing to me.... Out of the whole makeup range, i think their lipgloss, eye m/u (in various type) and liquid liner is useable to me... the rest... doesnt seem to be able to make it :roll:


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      Checked out the shop on Wed too. Since my loose powder was running out, I decided to try theirs instead. Also purchased the eye-shadow pencil, nail polish and top coat.

      1) Loose powder - I've developed a slight breakout today and I suspect that this may be due to the loose powder (since that is the only component of my makeup/skin care routine which I had changed). Probably due to the fragrance component inside the powder.

      2) Eye-shadow pencil - I like this! Lots of sparkle and it lasts for an entire day. Pretty, pretty colours too. Value for money .

      3) Nail polish / top coat - Just applied this. Nothing to shout about; did go on smoothly though. Again, pretty price-efficient.

      The young female SA in the shop was not very knowledgable about the products; she couldn't answer most of my queries. Of course, the brand is rather new and I was there on their 2nd day of operation, so probably can't blame her much. She was rather nice and did try to be helpful though.

      Oh, they threw in quite a lot of freebies for my $25 purchase: mousepad, keychain, trial yoghurt pack, trial moisturiser / toner set.

      I'll probably go back for the pretty eye colours and nail polishes. Will give their powders a miss.


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        I've caved in and bought 2 e/s and 1 e/s in a pencil form (magic eye tip). All $5.90 each. Good good value for $. One of the male SA looks very cute too. Hahaha.. But i'm sure.. too young for me. Kekeke..

        I bought rainbow blue and rainbow green and the pencil in pretty (pink). Quite pigmented. The e/s reminds me of Shu IR iridescent series. Staying power i don't know yet since i haven't wear them, but i tested them on the back of my hands, they are still there after more than 4hrs.

        They also have another type of e/s in the pencil form (shine stick shadow), but this one is different cos it has glitters in them. Great for nite use and clubbing. $7.90 each.

        Girls, do check out this shop when u are in bugis. I'm sure you will feel the urge to buy up all the e/s shades. They are reasonable for $5.90 each. I had so much fun testing out the colors that my hands are like rainbow in the end. LoL!

        Now with any purchase, you get a cute mousepad.


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          Vel the rainbow hand, I know exactly what you mean! lol. I went back there again today and brought my mum along to check it out. I got the Rainbow Green es the 1st time, and this time I bought Rainbow Yellow and Frost White. And mum, to my surprise, actually bought the glittery purple shine stick shadow. I teased her about being a 70s disco queen! hehehe ;P

          Vel, did you get the es palette case? I was gonna to, but decided to check if their es can fit into my Stila metal palette. Tried, and their es is abit bigger than Stila's. Think I might go back again soon to get the palette. hehe


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            LoL! Davis, i did exactly just that. I tried preying out the missha e/s out of the pot, but very difficult. It's stubbornly stucked to the bottom. Cos i wanna put the Missha e/s into my stila palette. But they are of different size. Missha is bigger. =(

            I saw the Missha empty 3-pan palette too. Looks pretty neat. Reminds me of Shu and BB plastic sleek black palettes. Now writing abt this, i really feel like getting the missha 3-pan palette. Hmm... now i have excuse to get another e/s to fit into the palette.

            But question: how do u prey the missha e/s out of the pot? I looked on the back of the pot, there is a small tiny hole, tried pocking a pin in, but e/s still does not come out. Argh!? maybe i'll ask the cute SA. Hahaha...


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              I tried prying it out with a pin too, but it won't pop either. In the end I used a screw driver with a very fine tip, like those you use for screwing on the screws on spectacles. HTH!


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                Originally posted by CaramelGirl
                One of the male SA looks very cute too. Hahaha.. But i'm sure.. too young for me. Kekeke...
                vel, were you checking out cosmetics or the guys??! actually i did spot a cute young male SA in that shop when i was there yesterday too!! ... he was sooo attentive and... just... well, cute! lol.. everytime he saw me trying an e/s or lip colour on my hand or nail polish, he'd standby with the cotton wipe with makeup remover, all ready to offer it once i'm done... A+ service for that guess that must be their way of attracting more customers ... "young cute male SA tactic"..

                oh, i was checking out the e/s pans and the 3-pan palette too! it looked pretty attractive for the price. looks like we gals at CC have developed some kind of similar lemmings... hehe. more feedback for the e/s pans please... i'm still deciding whether to get.

                for the GWP, it's as follows:
                - any purchase, free flower mousepad (laminated cardboard material)
                - min. purchase $20, free mini flower keychain with mirror
                - min. purchase $30, free desktop flower mirror

                - crazygirl
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                  I went to check it out today, was most impressed by the dual eye liners!

                  They're like like the autoliners from Kate, but I think the Missha packaging is much prettier. Also, they're fixed dual end liners, not like Kate where you can choose the colours & the casing is refillable. But they come with caps which I feel is better than the Kate ones since I worry that they'll dry up without caps.

                  I got the one in white & silver/light gray. Went home to try & it seems smudge proof! Going back to get the brown & gold one soon. They've 4 other colours (lilac/purple, light pink/dark pink, light green/dark green & light blue/dark blue). $7.90 each only!

                  I also got the rainbow green e/s, agree that it's very pigmented and lasts very long at the back of my hand. Think the quality seems quite good for $5.90.

                  I didn't notice any cute SAs but noticed there's more than 5 SAs in that shop & at least 2 were males. Quite unusual! And they were all very attentive, very good service. Crazygirl, I agree with how they're always nearby to offer you tissue or remover!

                  Am going back soon to get the gold eyeliner & take a look at the portable powder case, I missed it while I was there , only saw it when I was flipping through the catalogue they gave me when I was on my way home. I played around with the 3 pan palette but felt that it's a bit loose, as if it'll open up too easily. Am controlling not to buy any more e/s but they're all so cheap!


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                    There's a cute male SA!! not very tall, eyes big big watery one. The hair gelled up one. LoL! Really cute!! He must be on toilet break, that's why u missed him. Hahahaha... I so old already still talk abt all this :piss: Kekeke...

                    Strange thing is Momopeach, vonvonne and I ended up with the same e/s color ==> rainbow green
                    Is that coincident or what?

                    vonvonne, now u got me lemming for the dual eyeliners. I didn't see them just now. Maybe i'm too engrossed with the e/s and maybe the cute SA.


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                      Hey ladies, me was at Missha again today. Think the SA there already recognize me. LoL!

                      I bought another e/s ($5.90) - rainbow yellow and also the 3-pan black palette with mirror ($9.90) to fit in my e/s. Brought my 2 other e/s so that they can help me pry out and put into the palette. They also have a hard time prying out fr the pot.

                      Updates on the e/s. I worn rainbow blue out today. It's really a pretty color. Those who like iridescent shades will love their rainbow series. Just 1 e/s shade as a wash on the entire eye will look very pretty already. Well, that's why i did. Apply rainbow blue on entire eye socket, then line with Mac glided white and finish off with mascara and i'm ready to go. The e/s still stay on my lids after more than 5hrs. No crease on my oily lids even though i didn't apply any eye makeup base. Good stuff!!


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                        yep, no pressure to buy at all. But i'm sure everyone will be tempted esp since the price is so competitive. But with the low pricing, you'll be tempted to spend more. That's perhaps their biz tactic.

                        Today, i saw something new also. => Makeup base mat ($7.90)
                        comes in a green or purple tube. One or the other cover acne scars or skin imperfections and brighten the face. My concern is if it's really mat as it claims. I need something really really mat for my oily skin. More reviews please ladies!!!
                        I'm currently quite pleased with RMK creamy makeup base mat, even bought a extra one to stock up.


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                          hehe...after reading about Missha here...i have to go...and indeed...i bought things again (what's new to a makeup shopaholic? )... 3 of the Shine Stick Shadow, 1 lipgloss and 1 Magic Eye Tip in Olive...used the Shine Stick Shadow this morning, really nice glitter!! i used the ligher blue on one side and the darker blue on the other...nice enough! for the price of $7.90...really good stuffs and i think i can stop buying other ES and just attack Missha will do!

                          noticed the cute male SA you all mentioned, he was standing outside the shop, handing out postcards...he was smiling all the way...keke...really CUTE!! maybe if i am 18, i will go after him...


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                            Watson's in Bugis Junction is on the 2nd flr, near escalator, near Leather Ark.

                            Missha is just next to the newly opened Fancl shop. U will see Fancl when you get off the escalator at 2nd flr.

                            Click here for Bugis Junction directory.


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                              Great Beauty Deals at Newly-Opened Missha
                              10.30am to 9.30pm

                              Missha, the brand that caught Korea by storm, is now available in PARCO !

                              There are over 300 items at prices below $8.00. Here's a look at some of their great opening offers and products prices :

                              Opening Specials (while stocks last only)
                              * Free mouse pad with any purchase
                              * Free pocket mirror with purchase of $20 or more in a single receipt
                              * Free table mirror with purchase of $30 or more in a single receipt

                              Some Product Prices
                              Light Lip Gloss @ $7.90
                              Flower Glossy Lip Stick @ $9.90
                              Sun Base @ $10.90
                              Nail Colour @ $2.50
                              DSW Pressed Clear Powder @ $14.90
                              Strawberry Yogurt Pack @ $7.90

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