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  • Originally posted by Glossie
    Er.. this whole thread is about skincare, Versatile! Which acidic ingredient and which product, care to eleaborate?
    oops glossie guess i wasnt that specific....

    bascially i am referring to all their skincare products.....cos i read most of their products uses acidic contents.....which i guess is a norm......

    feeling skeptical due to its low price too.....

    but now as i read more i am real interested to get their mango yoghurt, intensive eye cream, and other moisturing products as well.....

    cos theirs are real price friendly which i really like about


    • versatile,

      I was skeptical initially and only tried their makeup.
      But after getting alot of their makeup items, i decided to venture into their skincare too... after all the price is so reasonable!
      If it doesnt work for you, you can just dump it without feeling so much guilt.

      So far the skin care products have really worked for me... And nothing serious has happened to my face....

      but one thing i hope they can do is to have a discount system rather than the present system cos for someone like me who has completed the whole card of stamps, i don't find any motivation or reason to want to go through the same system with the same gifts again... Are there any feedbacks i can give online through their website???


      • thks lil!
        think i will still go ahead and get a few items that i am real interested in......hopefully nothing happens to my face as well cos i got sensitive skin as well.....

        i agreed they should have a discount scheme.....but maybe they realise they pricing is more friendly than others than TFS.....which is why not viable for them to do so after all.....

        but just 5% discount is even better than nothing rite!
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        • Originally posted by Lil_Piggie
          I'm back with my take of the intensive eye serum!

          Used it for the past week. Very slight lightening of the dark eye circles, but it was good for me for the puffiness of my eye bags. Kept e skin around my eyes sufficiently moisturised and it still feels soft and supple at the end of the day.
          In short it worked better dan my previous eye cream, Artistry Replenishing Eye Cream.

          Verdict : Worthwhile try for a product with rather good results and below $10! :wow:
          Succumbed to temptation and bought the intensive eye serum after waiting so long for the stocks to come in!

          I agree with Lil_Piggie in that this serum really keeps the puffiness level low while not leaving an uncomfortable, 'too-tight' feeling. Furthermore, it is easily absorbed, unlike my other eye creams which are greasy in texture or are too rich (i.e. the formation of 'oil' seeds).

          Great buy for such an affordable price!
          Next on my list are the Fresh Aqua Essence and the Mango Yoghurt Pack/Mask


          • Originally posted by TinTin
            latte, have you, well, or anyone else for that matter, ever tried the FANCL mild cleansing oil? Is there any difference?
            FANCL's way too expensive.

            By the way latter, how much is the rose cleansing oil?

            in advance
            I only tried their first oil gwp before and it didn't suit me too well. Weird since it was well received by alot of people. But fancl should be better since it is catered for those with sensitive skin type.

            Forgotten how does fancl oil feels like but missha perfect oil should be slightly thicker. One gal has mentioned this oil was similar to Za's oil but cheaper. Can't compare since I've never used za before. The rose range felt more lighter when I tested on my hand. Cost around $12?

            You may wanna consider Biore cleansing oil too. I find it a spin-off of Kp's oil. feels (light) and smells almost like one too, hehe. About $12, I think.

            I finally tried the water supply cream tonight. Just couldn't wait to finish my fresh aqua emulsion. Still left >1/3.
            The cream is much better, less sticky, plus a tiny bit is sufficient to be massaged onto my big face. Will see how it goes.
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            • any recommendations for toner n moisturiser for combi skin (towards the dry side)? read the past few pages but didnt see much reviews.. have mixed feelings abt the DSW range.. is the flower range good?


              • So far, only their fresh aqua emulsion (combi/oily skin) and the water supply cream as moisturizers. I would suggest the cream as a moisturizer 'cos it's oil-free << earlier post. But if you're on the dry side, I think the emulsion should be fine.
                Can't help you in the toner compartment for I don't use any in the first place.
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                • finished using their strawberry facial wash. like it alot. now using their orange yoghurt facial wash as that time the strawberry was out of stock.

                  has anyone tried their orange one before and likes it? does it control sebum well? today is my 1st day of using..

                  how about other facial wash..anyone tried before?


                  • ok to update everyone, the orange yoghurt wash is not that good in controlling oil. but it does leave skin softer as it is more moisturizing. prefer the strawberry one though.

                    perhaps will try white grape next time

                    they have a promo at their new outlet spend above $10 u will get a free banana body wash and body lotion retail size.

                    i got it last night, smells yucky to me.


                    • Where is their new outlet?
                      Last edited by Glossie; 01-05-2005, 01:52 PM.


                      • They have opened a new outlet at Far East Plaza and one coming up in Tampiness.


                        • Originally posted by Gink
                          They have opened a new outlet at Far East Plaza and one coming up in Tampiness.
                          Is the range in Far East as good as the one in Bugis? Which level? Thanks!


                          • I heard its on the 3rd level but not sure where exactly cause I havent been there myself. They should be having opening promotions, you can go there this weekend to check it out.

                            superBum, you dont need to quote if you are replying to the last post.


                            • ooo hoo....finally managed to buy more stuff from them today cos been waiting to try out their products....

                              spent about $60 and received 3 free gifts on the spot....on top of that they have free makeover for 3 days promotions only.....

                              the makeup artiste was pretty good and like the way she draw my eyebrow....managed to get eyebrow shaping too....

                              - yogurt mask in mango
                              - neck cream
                              - intensive eye cream
                              - sunblock for spf36 for my mum
                              - rosewater skin toner (love the smell and coolness)
                              - rosewater jelly cream (not too bad and with oil control as well)

                              money well spent cos thats 6 items for $60.....


                              • hey versatile,

                                does the rosewater toner contain alcohol???