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    Hi, happen to see this new shop selling Korean cosmetics & skin care at Parco just now.

    Their prices are very cheap. their strawberry yogurt pack is selling at $7.90 only but i am wondering if is good.

    I tried their tester on the Body Lotion, personally i don't really like cos is too sweet smelling...., even after washing my hands, i can still smell it...

    Got myself a sample on the cleansing oil, shall try it tonight.

    Anyone tried their products, can post your reviews here?
    thank you...

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    I tried their sample of flower cleansing oil last nite, i think is better than the ZA cleansing oil which i am currently using. Cos my mascara "melts" faster than the current ZA one ...

    Will put this in my shopping list when i hv finish using my ZA..


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      i check out their shop again yesterday, wanted to try out their toner as my toner is finishing v. soon, but they do not have the full range of skin care yet, i am looking at the dry skin range but they only have oily/combinations or sensitive range... sigh... too bad...

      i agree that their skincare range doesn't look appealing at all, but i thot of giving it a try...

      However, the lady SA was quite nice & helpful tho.


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        Originally posted by vonvonne
        I have to rave about the intensive eye serum. Think I read on the website that it promotes blood circulation and apparently dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation. My dark circles are a tad lighter and the deep lines at my undereye area are visibly less "deep". I was totally swept away when I peered into the mirror the last few days 'cos I didn't expect anything from this product at all, just wanted an eye moisturiser.
        how much is this eye serum?


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          rion, it's $7.90.


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            Any review on the yogurt pack of different flavours like Strawberry, Kiwi and Mango?

            You gals give review on the guy SA more than products...


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              Originally posted by huili
              Any review on the yogurt pack of different flavours like Strawberry, Kiwi and Mango?

              I just tried the strawberry yogurt pack, and am generally quite pleased with it. There are lil red exfoliating beads and the smell is heavenly. The consistency leaves much to be desired tho.

              I left it on for 10 minutes and rinsed off. My face feels moisturised but not overly so like a layer sitting on top of my face (if you get what i mean) and the beads have done their work, leaving my skin nice and glowy

              for this. Will try other flavours too!
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                Ooh is the yoghurt pack a mask or a scrub??


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                  It's a rinse off mask i think. Cuz the SA told me to leave it on for 10 min. when you rinse off, the beads also helps to exfoliate yr skin :wave: HTHs!
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                    I guess the yogurt pack is one of the best seller, esp the strawberry flavour. I was there today asking for it, but it was OOS. They left only the mango flavour, and claimed to be more moisturising than the strawberry(this is for oily skin). So I bought one to try, it's only $7.90, a good alt to Laneige yogurt pack. hee..

                    Then I also got myself many eyeshadows and eye sticks.

                    I'm contented, because I paid so little for so many stuffs. haha...
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                      Yup! After reading about it, i caved in and went to take a look!
                      Not too bad at all.

                      I bought a couple of items but no chance to use yet. Maybe tomorrow.
                      Am using the Mango yogurt pack and it smells great!
                      Heng ah.. coz I nearly bought Laneige's one.


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                        Originally posted by huili
                        Love love love the Mango mask, so and went to get Mango Foam cleanser for SO.

                        Waiting for their Kiwi and Strawberry mask to arrive.
                        Huili, are the masks for diff skin types? If so, what skin type is Mango for? Thanks!


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                          Hi mugmao, The SA said...

                          Strawberry for Oily skin.
                          Mango for Normal / Dehydrated skin.
                          ANd there're also Kiwi and Orange(coming soon), but dont know what skin type they're for.

                          no need to quote if message is just above


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                            i had tried the mango yogurt pack and DSW water supply cream that i bought from missha on friday. the mango yogurt smells so the water supply cream suppose to be a water base moisturiser but it can't seems to sink into my face, like leaving a layer on it. errmm.. not very good in description but i tried it in the shop on my hand and it was ok, maybe i applied too much on my face?

                            got the magic eye tip too, but haven't try it yet. hopefully it doesn't crease on my eyelids.


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                              Tried their DSW Eye patch $2.50. NOT GOOD. totally no effect on my eyes. Its just a silicon-like pad that i "paste" on my undereye. half an hour later take out.. not hydrated, eye circles not reduced. not even cooling or anything. :booty:

                              Bought their Beta Plus intensive eye serum.. the one i got has no opening! as in, the opening that the serum is suppose to come out from is not open! am i suppose to like poke it using a needle or something? Or maybe the factory that made it forgot to make the hole.