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  • groupon deal today

    i saw the groupon deal today and was tempted to buy and try coz i stay opposite city square mal very convenient for me
    but after reading the HORROR stories, i decided not to.. so thank you ladies for sharing.. hopefully others be warned too and places like these will run out of business and close down soon.. no more victims


    • Hello girls!

      I need to find someone to transfer my NYSS package to! This would be great if you have an oily-combination skin that is lacking in elasticity (collagen).

      My Situation

      I recently went to New York Skin Solutions at Ngee Ann City for a free facial treatment trial, and the effects on my skin were seriously amazing! So amazing that I got tempted into signing a package... OTL

      However, I will be traveling for a month in April, and will thereafter be moving to the USA for a year. I made a mistake in my calculations and realized that I really wouldn't able to complete my package before I move, so I am now looking for someone to transfer my package to.

      My package is S$1,819 (nett) for 10 sessions. I will be using 1 session, so the remaining 9 sessions will be transferred to you at S$1,637.10 nett. This is equivalent to S$181.90 per session, which is really cheap (please read my review below for my justifications). You can choose to pay by installments of up to 24 months, so that'll only be S$68.21 per month.

      Please send me a PM if you're interested! (:

      The Review

      Anyway, I figured I would give my review of NYSS. My consultant was Esther Goh, and I went to the Ngee Ann City branch.

      I obviously had a good time there or I wouldn't have signed on a package, but let me just disclaim my review by saying that, yes, the sales consultant was super duper uber pushy. However, she was pushy in a very diplomatic way, and even though I kept refusing at first, she never once made a "black" face at me.

      The facial treatment started with a skin analysis. Esther showed me the different parts of my face as compared to my arm, and showed me that my face was severely lacking in collagen, and recommended that I go for the collagen treatment. She pointed out that my Groupon was for 2 treatments of a much more basic/cheaper type of facial, and would not really help my skin much. I asked what could be done so I could use the coupon and not pay a single cent (I was quite direct about this from the start - I just want to try the treatment, and don't want to pay more), so she very professionally upgraded me to a lighter collagen treatment (which still cost way more than my Groupon so I'm okay with that).

      She proceeded to give me 2.5 hours of the best facial I have ever received. I had my face cleansed first, then the "ripe" pimples were extracted, followed by the collagen mask, and finally another kind of mask that I didn't ask about because I was like half-asleep by then and didn't want to talk. The masks smelled damn good, and apparently it's all made of all-natural ingredients and fruit extracts, which is pretty awesome. During this entire period, she did not try to hard-sell me anything at all. I was fully prepared for a very annoying session of "no, no, don't want", but she just chit-chatted with me about random things. When I remained silent, she did not try to keep engaging me in conversation, and let me rest instead. So her service is A++ in my books.

      I haven't been to a facial for years, but I do use scrubs and masks at home, and I have my own facial cleansing regime. However, the before and after of my facial treatment with NYSS is amazing. I'm really sad that I didn't take pictures! ): But anyway, I could see and feel that my skin was significantly smoother, more supple and soft, and my half of the blackheads on my nose were gone plus the pores shrunk!

      After the session, she began to try and sell me the package and I agree that she was very aggressive in trying to sell it to me, but come on - she's just doing her job. However, the selling techniques that she adopted was not hard-sell in any way. She did not, in any way, try to put me down, nor did she say anything mean to me. In fact, she didn't even say that my skin condition is damn bad to my face (although I know it is). She just pointed out the problems that I faced (i.e. collagen levels too low, too much sebum secretion, etc) and let me make my own conclusions.

      The first thing she asked me was for my budget, and I told her I cannot afford $3,400 for 20 sessions even if I pay in installments, so she broke it down into a smaller package. When I still refused, she asked if curing my facial problems was very important to me, and that if it was not important, then she will not persuade me any further because it will not be mutually beneficial to both of us. I should've said no at that point, but the results seriously stunned me, so I was like "Yah, yah, I want my face to be better!"

      So I ended up signing a package of 10 sessions for $1,700+GST.

      TL;DR: Yes, all sales consultants will be very aggressive in trying to sell you a package, that's just how they make a living. The actual facial treatment is actually very luxurious for only S$181.90 (I compared it with my mom, who spends S$300+ per session for a facial that only lasts 1.5 hours - my session was 2.5 hours!), and my consultant was actually pretty nice. So NYSS for me was worth it! (:

      SO ANYWAY. I would like to transfer the remaining 9 sessions to someone who would to like to take over my package. I have a couple of complimentary tickets which I can pass to you if you would like to give Esther a try before taking over my package. Please send me a PM if interested! (:
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      • Ongoing sessions

        I've completed my 3rd session from my package of 20 sessions. I agree that they hardsold me this package but I'm going to try it out and see if it works. It hasn't done any wonders for my skin yet, but after every session my skin is smoother from all the pimple-popping. I just came across this thread and read all the horror stories but I seriously hope I benefit something from these sessions and that they work for me somehow. I hope I didn't waste the money. I spent about 4k for this package.

        I realised something too, all of you said that you were asked to sign up for collagen treatment, is this something they are made to sell because this is what I was asked to sign up for. Makes me wonder why other treatments don't get recommended? Do all of us really lack the same thing - collagen?????

        I will keep you girls updated of my progress. *fingers cross*


        • Honestly, I was a New York Skin customer long ago (can't rem when but I think it was 2008 ). I was really grateful to them for helping me clear my pimples and for restoring my clear pimple free face (except the occasional hormonal pimple). My face was rather perfect until I entered JC and the late night mugging caused my face to grow acne so bad that I looked like I had rosy cheeks from far when in fact on close up its just really bad acne and reddish leftover scars/marks.

          Going for their facials really did help. Of course, do not expect a miracle. going for their facial one time will improve but the difference won't be much. You need to be consistent with the facials. It helped me a lot to the extent that I got my clear perfect skin back.

          However, they were very pushy. VERY VERY PUSHY in my opinion. I was young then and sign up with them for a package at $800 for 10 sessions (according to them it was student price). I was a student then. Anyway, my face cleared before i finished the 10 session. To cut the long story short, I used up all my sessions except for the last one which i used only in 2011. But as my sessions were finishing (I think I was left with 2 or 3 more sessions to go) they started pushing for me to sign on further with them saying I could try their collagen treatments since my skin is cleared from acnes now and woman's skin are more sensitive and as we age our skin bla bla bla...

          I remained firm and said no all the way. At my last facial session, my consultant already knew I won't be signing further and did a slipshod job for my last facial. Not that I mind since I already condemned them and really do not wish to continue with them. But she did push products to me after the facial and refused to let me go. I eventually won the battle and left. Never looked back since.

          Now I'm sourcing for a new place to do facials as my pimples are back and I'm getting married. Sigh... I shouldn't have switched facial products. Super regret but gotta do damage control instead of whining. Anyway, just wanna let you girls know my thoughts.


          • You can try DRX at orchard Thong Building.. They ain't pushy at all and I think their facials are good but very ex.. $250 per session.. I have finished my package and am now at NYSE.. They are indeed very pushy but I have a lot of friends who wen there after like 10-20 sessions their skin are really good now.. But lately my skin is really dry n peeled abit.... So irritating and I wonder if is the cleanser that I am using from NYSs.. Anyone has good cleanser to recommend?


            • Attention to all,
              Please don't trust New york skin solution. I am a VIP at new york skin solution (2008 to 2011). I had been using their products and treatment for about 2 years plus and it is not effective. I had spend $10,000 on their packages and products. As they are very hard selling and pushy, that time I was still a student so they kept persuading me to buy. If I don buy, they will nagggg a few hrs and wont even let me go. Now think about it, I feel like sueing them coz they did no improvement to my face. I hate their extraction as they did not extract properly and left scars on my face. I HATE NEW YORK SKIN SOLUTION. When I decided to leave the salon coz it's not effective, I just use ddaily facial products and sleep early.. my face became fairer and better. No more breakouts. When I no longer visit new york skin solution, I saved a lot of money and my skim became better as I spend on other products like sk2.


              • If it's so good, then u won't be transferring your package. It's just that its too expensive and not effective thats why u need to find a scapegoat to replace you and claim back your loss money. One more thing is they are super pushy that they can make u sign anoyher package. U feel that u are unable to reject them when u even complete this package.


                • Frankly speaking, i had acne skin which often let people easy to target on. I get persuade very easily because i seriously hate my skin and want to get them clear so badly.
                  I just went thr for a free trial yesterday, which offer by Justtoday. Yes, i agree they are forcing you to sign on the spot. Their package was quite expensive, i was told tht due to the first time trial I will be able to get offer rate with $3300 for 10 facial free 10 facial treatments (ttl of 20 facial treatments)
                  the consultant was observing at my face expression, and telling how they can get your skin clear and smooth. after her long selling, i *** show any expression. Then she change tactic and say however for people to believe their result they also offering $330 for 1 + 1 treatment specially for me. she want me to sign and try to see the result. I reply her that i want to see how the free trial work for me then decide. She wasn't giving up and offer me $330 for 3 treatments. i insist not to sign any package right at that moment. She had no choice and bring me in for the foc facial.

                  during the facial, i can feel her unpleasant by her tone. and i do understand it was because they are trying to get sales incentive from the first time customer. However, i am considering to get myself to explore more alternative and choosing the right one that work to clear my face. after facial, she ask me to sign the package and tell me how my face improve after the treatment. Well, it did look brighter, but this result does worth $330 nor $110. Therefore, still i refuse to sign up for the package. i explain it to the girl. she say i am not interested to sign from start in that case. I was angry. I do not want to argue with her, i know how worst is my skin, i do not mind paying as well if it's cure my acne problem. However, i am looking for treatment that worth and work at the same time. I do not want to waste my hard earn money with no much differences facial treatment.

                  Conclusion, they are not worth for me to sign up for treatment.


                  • My experience with NYSS

                    I went for my free trial and during the consultation, they told me how I’ve lost all my collagen, my face was filled with blackheads, oily / dry skin and kept asking me to upgrade my facial to a premium collagen facial for the trial. They kept emphasising on how the steps would be much better, they would use higher quality products, better extraction would be done, etc… the upgrade cost about $90+ if I remember correctly. I flat out refused to upgrade and she kept asking me, “why? Don’t you care for your skin?”. The situation was hilarious – I refused to give a reason as to why I did not want to upgrade and just said no. I said I was perfectly fine with the normal facial. She continued emphasising “it’s only a basic cleanse facial, not even a treatment”. I said that’s fine. She continued saying that I wouldn’t see a difference; it’s worth the money, what are my reasons and so on. Honestly it was just pathetic watching her. I was born in Singapore but I did not grow up here and I only return for a 3 month holiday during the year so I can’t speak Chinese at all, therefore I think that’s why it was harder for them to insult and hard-sell me because they could not even speak basic English. She asked me what skin care products I used. I answered, “it’s confidential”. She replied, “oh ok… errr… is that an Australian brand?”. To which I replied, “yes”. LOL. She also asked me more personal questions and I refused to answer any of them.

                    Anyway the facial wasn’t up to my expectations because the therapist’s extraction skills were lousy (compared to other spas I’ve been to) and she did not do a good job cleansing my face either. I felt like the bed was too short as my legs were constantly sticking out and I did not get a private room to myself. After the facial was done, I told them I needed to go to the toilet first (obviously I knew there would be hard-selling) and the therapist kept saying, “you have to come back! You have to come back… to sign the paper…”. LOL I would definitely come back, no worries about that because I wanted to see how they would hard-sell me… anyway after I came back from the toilet, the therapist tried to hard-sell me to purchase their packages which was very expensive, especially since I was a student at that time. If I’m not wrong, they wanted to charge me $108 per session, excluding GST. It was definitely above my budget especially since I only travel to Singapore for holidays. I signed up at other spas because I like their therapists, the ambience and their prices was definitely much more budget friendly. I said no many times, firmly repeating that I was not interested and the price was way too high. The therapist brought in another manager who spoke better English and both of them tried to convince me. I just continued refusing their attempts and refused to answer any personal questions – eg. questions like do you have a boyfriend? Can’t he pay for you? My answer was, “I don’t believe in my boyfriend paying for my facials. I’m perfectly capable of paying them on my own”. And that is something I firmly believe in. If I want something, I will get it on my own, nothing to do with my partner. They asked me if I have any credit cards – my answer was, “How is that relevant?” and they couldn’t answer me.

                    When the manager finally realised that I wasn’t going to crack, she tried to sell me their products. Ugh, no thanks. I’m a strong user of Kiehls and I love their products – they’ve helped my skin so much over the years and I only go for facials mostly to relax, not to treat any problems. She wanted to sell me a cleanser, toner and moisturiser for $300. Again, I refused and said I use my own products and they’re working fine for me. I completely didn’t believe all the bullshit they were feeding me about my skin losing collagen haha. Anyway I left without paying a cent and they were definitely annoyed.

                    I don’t believe in paying thousands of dollars for facials, especially not up-front when you’re not sure of the therapist’s skills and how long she’ll continue working there. The bottom line is, if you have a certain feeling about the place – if you feel they’re being snooty or the therapist doesn’t have good skills then do not purchase any package from them. You are a customer and you should not feel pressurised to pay anything – if they offer a free facial, you have all the right to enjoy the free facial and not pay a single cent. It doesn’t matter what insults they throw at you or what they say – just remember that they do it to so many girls every day. It’s nothing new to them. If you wanna enjoy their free facial, by all means go ahead and enjoy it but be prepared for the hard-selling afterwards and remember to just say no. You are not obliged to answer any of their personal questions (eg. What’s your salary) – just say it’s confidential and you do not wish to disclose. If you feel threatened at any point, simply say you’ve had enough, take your bag and leave.

                    I’ve wanted to share this experience for a long time but never got round to it. Hope this helps other girls out there.


                    • Originally posted by janetyuni View Post
                      Attention to all,
                      Please don't trust New york skin solution. I am a VIP at new york skin solution (2008 to 2011). I had been using their products and treatment for about 2 years plus and it is not effective. I had spend $10,000 on their packages and products. As they are very hard selling and pushy, that time I was still a student so they kept persuading me to buy. If I don buy, they will nagggg a few hrs and wont even let me go. Now think about it, I feel like sueing them coz they did no improvement to my face. I hate their extraction as they did not extract properly and left scars on my face. I HATE NEW YORK SKIN SOLUTION. When I decided to leave the salon coz it's not effective, I just use ddaily facial products and sleep early.. my face became fairer and better. No more breakouts. When I no longer visit new york skin solution, I saved a lot of money and my skim became better as I spend on other products like sk2.
                      Why you've spent your money 2 years? To determine results 4-6 months are more than enough.


                      • The thing with this kind of places is they like to sell u services but they ultimately can't force you. Just say NO!


                        • how much you spent at NYSS? Im looking for a facial place but dont know where to go..


                          • NYSS is just using the extremely powerful advertising tool

                            Originally posted by Missamber View Post
                            Even thou mostly had bad experience at nyss but everytime i passby still quite crowded
                            They are always crowded because they are continuously using the extremely powerful advertising tool to fool their audience using photoshopped photos in all of their before and after images.

                            And they can afford all the full page TODAY front page and back page ads because it's easy money for them by simply ripping off everyone who walks into their Lions' den, and by rewarding their China sales girls who meet sales quota with Rolex watches!

                            They also tempt you with their freebies and cheap trial facials (although they are actually all cheap useless products). They are really experts in offering what people want to hear and dream to have - instant face blemish cure, instant weight loss without exercises, instant hair growth using their magic potions. None of their product actually works but only make you look much worse!!! They are actually 3-in-1 group - New York Skin Solution, London Weight Management and Yunnam Hair. And all are rogue companies belonging to one rogue money-minded owner who knows nuts about beauty, but knows a lot on how to scam consumers by playing psychology and lying. There are actually a few more such companies - those you frequently see taking up full page ads in TODAY. They can afford to do that because everyday they are ripping off people in terms of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

                            Everyone here should petition to CASE. If no action from CASE, write to all news papers forums and even to the trade minister. Why such rogue companies are being allowed to continue scamming the consumers? This is really giving Singapore a very bad image.


                            • Don't even need 4-6 months!

                              Originally posted by TerryDawson View Post
                              Why you've spent your money 2 years? To determine results 4-6 months are more than enough.
                              While improvement is usually progressive, if the products are really effective, even after just a few applications you should see some drastic improvements too, especially when the contrast between before treatment/usage and a few days after treatment/usage should be more obvious. As improvement progresses to later stage, the contrast will become lesser. Just like comparing between black and gray, it's much more obvious when you see black changing even to dark gray initially. But as it gradually changes to lighter shade of gray from the darker gray, it will become less and less obvious.

                              If she has been told to wait for so long to see results, then she has been ripped off.


                              • Hello ladies,

                                Read the whole thread and think that more girls need to know about this before they got in. We created a mobile app specifically for girls to rate/review their salon experience. Please spend three minutes sharing your experience at New York Skin Solutions with more girls. This will help a lot of girls' salon decisions. I'll also help share your review on our blog/social media.

                                You can download the app, Pamperologist, and choose to review New York Skin Solutions.
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                                Thanks a lot for sharing reviews. Your reviews can help a lot of girls make a better judgment on salon choice.