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  • J.F lazartique

    Hi anyone using the pdts as above,i notice there are lower and higher end pdts for this range...anyone using them,pls give review..thks

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    i've used of it pdts before....its the white one to be particular...
    its used to protect hair after swimming... :eh: if i remember correctly....n has a ****** nice buttery smell....


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      i dont like
      because it doesnt give much foam
      its very drying for my hair


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          this brand is reallly really BAD. my hair fell out like mad and never grew back. i usedd to have MUCH thicker hair. i recommend this brand to no one. just my two cents worth.


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            Hi,may i know which type did u use?


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              I tried the greenish coloured one before for oily roots (iirc) a few years back...
              The stylist who recommended this actually told me to shampoo twice and i realised its because the shampoo doesnt lather well. My hair conidtion did improve but i suppose its due to the fact that i actually washed it twice!! Not a daily practice though...


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                i had the shampoo and the dyes. and trust me were they horrible.