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  • Best Square Push Brush

    Gals, would u mind to share what flat maybe slanted "push" liner brush u use? I'm a newbie to brushes. Heard that stila's #13 is good

    Is there any other recommendation?
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    u can try MAC's too!


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      Which one?


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        maybe this?

        <img src=>
        212 flat definer


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          From the definition in the above link, I felt eye definer seems to be the one deposits color under the upper lashes, is it the same one as those used for pushing a line on the eyelid?


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            lemming for this set is a squre push brush...Is this worthwhile now(with the $10 shipping fee)? Is the string rollup bag convenient to carry? Wish those who have been using this before suggest me
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              I prefer them angled, but here's a square one from Trish McEvoy that's good for slightly thicker, smokier lines:

              (#41, second one from right)

              Also like this one from Paula Dorf, which is slightly curved to fit the shape of your eye, and is great for very fine lines:

              (Eye Transformer)

              Here's one from Laura Mercier that I seldom use now because it's longer and not quite firm enough:



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                Thank u, Saresha. Before u replied, I wasn't aware the difference.

                I only saw picture ofeye definer before, now I realized what I really need is eye transformer,as I'm looking for sth for very fine lines.

                Guess I need to send email to the local distributor for catalog now, hope they have it.

                If anyone knows any other slightly curved ones, plz also advise me. TIA.


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                  I wasn't aware that Paula Dorf is sold here?


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                    I mixed up Paula Dorf with Paula's Select, I think. BTW, where can I find it then? It's OOT in Sephora


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                      There are a number of places online where you can get them, eg. Try google.