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  • Face warts

    Do anyone here know how to remove them,... or any experience? I know you can go through the liquid nitrogen treatment but i heard it hurts bad.... So any other method?

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    You can't use liquid nitrogen treatment on your facial warts as it'll cause blisters (I'm sure you won't want to see blisters on your face). You can remove them by electrolysis. It's burning of the warts using electric current. Pain level is MAX. I have a low threshold of pain and that's probably why I feel it's very very painful. I was crying very badly and I had 6 nurses to grab hold of my arms, legs and body. You can do it at National Skin Center. Consultation would be cheaper if you can get a referral letter from any polyclinics.


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      I think i did it before on my finger, the pain wasn't so bad, but it takes months for the blood to stop flowing. I couldn'd imagine if it's on the face area...