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  • Cotton wool / Cotton pads

    Different types and brands of cotton pads makes a difference in your skin... have you wonder bout that?

    i have tried using watsons cotton pads and they fleece so much , same goes for body shop. they are only good for removing nail enamels but not suitable for the face cos it feels rough.

    i choose the japanese ones cos they feel better and soften for my skin. some of them don't fleece . the japan brand is not bad, and i use that now. organic cotton is also good. but they are hardly found here unless you buy from health store. even the clothes we wear have different types of cotton. in states wearing prganic cotton shirts and maternity wear seems to be better in a way... ( thats what i heard and known of ) but i know that cottons of different brand makes a difference in my skin.

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    what brand of cotton wool you use?


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      I use Giant housebrand cotton!

      I find it cheap and good. Used to be a watson housebrand cotton user until a pack i bought stink. Then i changed and am happy with the cheap and nice quality from Giant.


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        i've never try giant brand. but i like using japanese cotton.
        very soft.