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Kose Happy Bath Day (Precious rose)

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  • Kose Happy Bath Day (Precious rose)

    Hi...i saw this Kose range at Watsons and was kinda interested in it as the fragrance of rose was simply so Irresistible...
    They have it in hair and body range...

    Has anyone used it before can give me some recommendations? TIA

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    Missed this. I have the cologne for it, it smells rose, nice like Anna sui scent


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      I got the shower cream for free when I bought Cleo in Kinokuniya few months back. It has a lovely rose scent indeed.

      I only used it on special days, or when I need something nice smelling to perk my sad soul, haha.

      A little goes a long way, so i just squeeze about 2 or 3 cm of the cream for my whole body.

      I will buy it again, mine is finishing soon


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        Bee, thats a shower creme? i thought it was a makeup remover or something cos its creamy.... silly me


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          i'm using the cologne and hair the smell! i am already into my second bottle of the cologne, would be going to third soon!

          have also bought the hair mask..would say performance alright only but simply love the fragrance, lingers in your hair....

          i would continue using these range, i'm totally into rose products now...


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            lele, you mean you saw the promotion at kinokuniya but didn't go ahead and buy, coz you thought it is a makeup remover cream? Sorry, too long a sentence...


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              I didnt know about the promo till i paid for the magazine at the counter. Still have it in my cupboard. Not sure i'm to use it on face or body.... cos i got a little confuse after looking at this webbie


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                Hi it sound tempting, where can Ii get this? I did not saw it in any watson anymore. What kind of products do it have: perfume? Body Wash? Hair Treatment? How much does it cost?


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                  Last seen at Bugis Watson.. Can't remember the price but ranges from $13 onwards iirc..hths


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                    I have bought another product from this range, which is the facial cream cleanser. did not choose the facial gel instead because my skin is more towards dry type.

                    As usual, the fragrance is perfect! and you just need to squeeze a little, so i believe the whole tube gonna last me for some time then. doesn't leave my face dry and face felt clean after that. pretty happy and statisfied with the these products so far!

                    if i don't remember wrongly, the cologne should be abt $19 and the facial cream cleanser probably a few dollars more. all their products are probably more than $15.

                    range includes shampoo, treatment, facial cream or gel cleanser, powder, cologne, hair cologne, body wash, that's all that i can remember so far.

                    these range is available in Watson but not for all outlets. They are available at watsons located at raffles place and takashimaya. Not at Tampines Mall though.
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                        went Watson Bugis yesterday, the hair cologne are all gone.


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                          You might want to head down to takashimaya then. I must say the hair cologne moves fast because I only managed to get it after couple of months so I believe its snapped up once the stocks are replenished.

                          Actually, most of the time I use the cologne (not the hair cologne) to spray on my hair as well. Spray from a distance, or you can spray on your wrists then rub your hair between your wrists. It works well!

                          I use the hair cologne for spraying my room to give it a nice fragrance!


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                            thanks BooBoo.. will go chk out Taka on Friday. hope they still have stock.


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                              hi, i have the mist cologne brand new S$15. any takers? pm me.