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Good moisturiser for Eczema skin?

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  • Good moisturiser for Eczema skin?

    Hello forumers,

    I am recently plagued with eczema during my undergraduate days and it has stuck with me for the following few years of my education. I have tried from steroids cream to supposedly good moisturisers but certain spots just keeps flaring up. Do you all have any to introduce?

    I am currently using First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream, heard it was good from Sephora reviews so i got it. Pretty steep!

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    Hey leonard88,
    I have some recommended creams for eczema. Aveeno Baby's Eczema Moisturizing Cream works very well and very affordable. You can also try California Baby Calendula Cream, Egytian Magic or Dermadoctor Moisturizing Therapy for Dry Skin. Depending on the extent of your eczema, it might take up to 3-4 weeks of your skin to heal. The key thing is to keep your skin moisturized daily. You might also want to use milder soaps like Aveeno Moisturizing Bar or Loccitane Shea Butter Soap. Do check out my website for these products.
    Btw, did FAB Cream work? I might consider to bring it in if it really works

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      Hey Balloon,

      FAB cream is alright, but not as great as those reviews mentioned on Sephora. It's pretty thick, so it's still counted as value for money in a way. My previous body shop shea butter is less thick but cheaper. Are you able to bring FAB in at the price of the US Sephora rate? It seems way cheaper over there but they don't allow shipping to Singapore!

      You are right, maybe i should check out using Oatmeal etc for body soap. My body soap is the standard type that my family use Great website btw!


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        Leonard, I heard that some spas have eczema based massages in their treatment listings, you may wish to give it a try!
        Tranquiltrove - Reviews | Discover the best beauty places around you lists out spas and their treatment pricings, do take a look!

        Hope it goes away for you! I am battling some eczema on the back of my knees too


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          Good moisturiser for Eczema skin?

          try jojoba oil! google it, you will find many benefits. i use it as my face and body moisturizer. removes makeup(eye makeup too) well too! can get it at nature's farm or the skin pharmacy.


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            I'm in love with QV products. Probably the best creams that works for my eczema skin!


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              I forgot what the name is. But I bought this eczema cream from the pharmacist opposite Platinum Mall @ Bangkok. And it is damn effective!!! Better than those prescribed by the local doctors