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Hair Protection Product against Heat?

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  • Hair Protection Product against Heat?

    I've seem to read it somewhere but can't find it now.... :Doh:

    Anyone has anything good for applying to the hair as a protection against heat before blowdrying, crimping, straightening etc?


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    What you need sounds exactly like what that new Loreal Studio's hair product called HOT promises! You know, that one that Beyonce endorses?

    There are 2 types, one for straightening, one for curling. I tried the straightening one today at TaMPINES mALL's Guardian Promo area where there is promo for lorea. Well, i think it's really good!! As in, i could see my hair being tamed after the salesgirl smooth a little of the straightening cream on my hair. and it feels abit smooth after that, feels like i just put conditioner but its not that oily. Oh, and the smell's very fruity!

    The sales girl did not try using crimper or hot itron on my hair though, so i not sure if it does help from protecting heat, but the salesgirl did explain something about this ingredient inside that protects hair from heat.

    You know what's best? It cost only $7.90! (promo price) Usual $8.90! It's worth the try!

    I think i will start a thread on HOT products.


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      Hi littlelambie,
      I just bought KMS flat out thermal styler hot pressed spray. It's supposed to be used with thermal tools, crimps, irons, or even blow dry to prolong straight styling and anti frizz. So far i think it works pretty ok for me, and the smells is great too. But I haven't really tried other heat protection products before, so I can't really compare. I have heard that redken has a heat protection product as well, but haven't tried that one before. Am so far quite happy with this KMS one.


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        i like schwarzopf product