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    I've just ordered 27 samples from Corycosmetics!! Since it was only 3 for $1, and shipping is $3.85 for orders $9.99 and below, i might as well make the full use of it!

    I can't wait to receive them! Will keep you all updated when i get them.

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    Corycosmetics is good too, but i couldn't find a foundation shade suitable for me.
    Cory's foundation is made just from titanium dioxide(physical sunscreen) and iron oxides for color. It looks grainy, but when applied, it has a creamy consistency that melts into the skin. It also covers very well. If only there was shade suitable for me.

    Cory and Monave foundations all provide much better coverage than Bare Escentuals, and do not give the shiny look like BE. You can alter the coverage from light to full, depending on your preference. You can also mix it with your regular moisturiser or primer to get tinted moisturiser. Or apply the foundation with a wet sponge/brush and use as liquid foundation.

    I've also tried Botany101, but the queue time is way too long. It can take up to 6-8weeks to receive your order because of the short of manpower and the huge orders. Because of this, I decided not to order from Botany.

    Every since i started wearing mineral makeup, i've stopped wearing the regular makeup because of all the chemicals and pore clogging ingredients used in the regular makeup.
    (Except for eye makeup)

    For more details on the benefits of mineral makeup,

    click here


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      I only ordered samples from Cory... took about 1-2 months at least to arrive. Very generous samples though.

      I didn't like the foundation at all.. no colour match and all look terrible on me cos' the powder are not very fine.

      I have 9 samples for lighter colours (from peach, neutral and yellow families)... but none work for me. The colours are really pale. I'm NC-20 and perfect (peach, 3rd lightest) is the closest match for me.

      The blushes are quite nice though... so many selection and the samples are generous. I only wish I asked for eyeshadow samples but I don't want to order again cos' the waiting time just kills me!


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        Cory's foundation is a HG for many ladies who have tried almost ALL the other brands of mineral makeup. As her foundation uses only titanium dioxide and iron oxides, it tends to clump together due to the lack of fillers such as mica and bismuth oxychloride. This is a good thing, because you are getting pure pigment which is not diluted by fillers. So you can alter the coverage of the foundation as and when you like it.

        I have not found a perfect match with Cory, as her shades are more catered towards asian tones. The closest match was Whipped Cream, Fawn cream is alittle too peachy.
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          Originally posted by mountainshadow
          I only ordered samples from Cory... took about 1-2 months at least to arrive. Very generous samples though.
          1-2 months! that's long..
          I guess I'll just order blush and e/s samples then. Did either of you try the oil-control primer/finishing powder?


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            clpersonal, do you know whether Bismuth oxychloride is used in Cory or Monave cosmetics or not?


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              Originally posted by huili
              clpersonal, do you know whether Bismuth oxychloride is used in Cory or Monave cosmetics or not?
              Hi, both lines do not contain bismuth. HTH!


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                If anyone out there is trying to make order from Cory, Aromaleigh or Monave, could you please drop me a PM, and let me join in the order, cos I have problem using paypal. TIA.


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                  Just received all my blush n e/s samples from cory today! Took so long. I ordered almost 2 months ago. But so far it looks to be worth it

                  I'm marvelling at the fact that if you apply the e/s with your fingertip and rub it in, the colurs not only intensify like mad but also don't seem to rub off! They have great earthy/olive tones for warm skin.

                  the blushes seem a tad sparkly but I haven't tried them on my face yet. Now i just wanna order another load of samples with a full-size so it won't take so long...


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                    thanks! I'll try it.. the blushers are very sparkly.. gonna get some matte ones.


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                      My cory samples arrived, ack after slight more than a month since I placed my order. Took them almost of month to ship out (24 Aug), when shipment took only about 10 days.

                      I'm in between MAC C25/C30, slightly lighter and less yellow than RMK102 liquid. Dehydrated but slightly oily skin with prominent pores on the inner cheeks and forehead.

                      Primer powder - got it because I needed something over my moisturiser to remove the tackiness in order for the mineral powder foundation to be buffed on evenly. I consider it fine, smoothed out the skin and does diminished my pores a bit. Possible to layer on to give some coverage, i.e. colour.

                      Mineral powder foundation
                      Yellow family turned out a tad peachy but not much harm done for my skin tone. Matt creamy finish, very natural. I didn't apply it very heavily, some of my skin oils is showing through but no 'creasing' yet, nice glowy finish

                      For this face product, I have to disagree that the colours run on the pale side. The powders do look light on it's own but when applied, it starts to darken, even for the e/s. I'm quite surprised that Fawn Cream was a better match for me than Absolute Cream when I'm not exactly pale with my tan. Even my choice of Medium for the primer powder was obviously darker (almost like blush or even contour) when I layered it on
                      I'm not sure what correctors (available too) can be added to counter the peachiness.
                      The olive/neutral family looks a bit ashy green on me, but became a tan-like brown when rubbed in

                      Eye shadow and Blush
                      Mostly frosts and shimmers. Bright yellows, one bright green, bright red, rest are very deep smokey shades.

                      The frosts are relatively sheer, I suppose these are the micas. Adds more frost/shimmer than colour, these tend to run paler when rubbed into the skin. Very frosty blushes looked a bit like tiny coloured shimmer than colour.

                      The demi-frosts are weird. I suppose since these are pure pigments, there aren't really binders to keep the matts and micas bound together, the interesting effect I get is these two components start to seperate out if I rubbed it into the skin, like auto-highlight. My favourite is IVY, a really bright green, even brighter than MAC bitter. It became slightly duller when rubbed in and a yellow frosty halo appeared around it. Therefore, if you are really fussy, the frost and the matt colour isn't exactly even when applied

                      No qualms about the foundation stuff, would be great if I can tweak the colour for a perfect match.

                      As for the colours, I'm not use to the dryness of the powders, less slip, control, hence less easy to blend. But if I figured it out, it'll be great! But looks like it's wearing very well, no creasing and still as vibrant (weary IVY and ASH, a pale frosty blue-silver).


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                        My Cory Cosmetics samples have arrived!! It took only 3 weeks, which i suppose, is a 'short' time?

                        Can't wait to try out the samples!


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                          chiyochan, what have you got?

                          I especially love their blushes, esp Luminee, a sheer pink with subtle shimmer.

                          As for their fdn, i couldnt find my shade. :roll:


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                            I got some primers, foundation and finalizers. Can't wait to try on my face!

                            i shoud have gotten some blusher and e/s samples!!!

                            Huili, luminee looks lovely on the webby! Have u tried Promise before? How does the color look?

                            Is it absolutely necessary to use a finalizer?


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                              I have promise too, but havent tried it out. It looks very bright in the packet.