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    Originally posted by redfox44 View Post
    Hi Jerejoy,

    I went to see Dr Seow (Full name is Seow Chee Wee, if i'm not wrong) for my eczema few years back as it was itching like mad. He presribed me with iodine crystals, cream and medication for the itchiness. I recovered though i still get small patches of eczema now and then, but do note it really depends of individual's health and eczema is not really a one off thing.

    Dr Seow is a senior consultant and i went to see him because of my acne previously. 2 of my close friends were also under Dr Seow's care.

    I am Not trying to advertise for Dr Seow but he is the only Doc that i see in NSC. Hope the information helps.

    In the meantime, pls see a gentle fragrance free body lotion on the area each time after you showered. Best if you can use a gentle shower gel as well.

    Thanks for yr recommendation. Booked for Prof Goh Chee Leok a months ago and am gg to see him in Aug. He seems to be the most senior consultant there. Mine is more of fingers ezcema and leftover scars n pigmentations on my legs. Can't wear shorts now. Sigh!


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      B2- Class B2, S'pore citizen subsidized rate thru polyclinic referral.

      Beside NSC, SGH do have this dermatology and plastic surgery services.
      The IPL & Vantage; skin tightening is $600/-. I went thru internal referral, not sure whether they take in polyclnic referral.


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        going for my first appointment with Dr Goh next week, just want to have a better skin before my wedding 6 months later.
        Wonder what treatment he usually will suggest beside IPL. I need to have a better complexion n smaller pores.


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          My first pigment laser is booked. I'm kinda worried on the downtime and out of sun practice as I can't afford to take 10days leave.

          Will wearing face mask, sunshade and a good brolly count as staying out of the sun?


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            dovespaniel, what kind of laser were you recommended and what are the fees like?

            My appt is being postponed to next week... Can't wait to hear from the derm on his recommendation for me.


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              As my available healing time is rather short, I can only go for pigment laser. Probably 2 sessions. It's at 367 each.

              I may consider others after my wedding


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                Hi artichoke, how was your treatment?

                Am at NSC now, supposedly for my 2nd pigment laser. Doc accessed me and said no need. Instead just go for one session of IPL and I'm done for now. Am glad as I kinda dislike the longer downtime of pigment laser.


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                  dovespaniel How much you are paying for IPL?


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                    It's at 390.


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                      Oh I forgotten abt this thread! Haha.

                      Went for my consultation and discussed with the doc various types of lasers and peels. He was very straightforward abt the improvement I can get from various peels and lasers. The highest %tage one can get is from CO2 Fraxel laser, with recovery period of up to 10 days. BUT, only 40% of the people who went for this treatment experience improvements. The rest, no improvement at all and 10% will get some other side effects. The rest we discussed, I need to go back and look for the brochure, I wasn't very impressed with the %tage improvements from the other peels and lasers so didn't go back again. For chemical peels, he kind of pulled and stretched my skin a bit and told me "this is the kind of improvement you can get with chemical peels." Again, wasn't impressed. Looks like I'm not going to eliminate all my scar and ****** have to live with my big pores. But it's okay. Better than believing in "false improvements" the internet says.

                      Are you happy with your improvement so far, dovespaniel?


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                        It happens sometime.

                        Likewise, the doc stretched my skin and told me that was the max I could achieve from one of the laser treatments. Apart from not having enough healing time before my big day, I also wasnt impressed with what few grands could do. So I passed on that.

                        I'm happy with the laser pigment because my major spots are gone. No more concealer needed. I just do with foundation on some days.

                        As for the IPL, my face is now full of litte brown scabs which surfaced from my smaller spots. It's my 2nd day and guess too early to tell the effect. I might do another IPL in Jan11.

                        I am prescribed short term Oratane; to start one week later. Understand that my skin might get extremely dry. Eyes, lips and nose as well. I read many other sides effects. Will monitor.
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                          hi but why are u prescribed oratane? Im seeing Roy Chan from NSC now. He dont seem to give good advice but I taking doxy from him and from my last week (2nd visit), he saw that doxy is starting to take effect in that my breakout is more controlled and I was asked to continue another 2 mths and see him in Dec. But my skin is duper oily still. wondering if I should go on a course of roc. Darn my stupid hormones


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                            I'm prescribed oratane as my wedding is in Jan11 and doc recommended that to curb my oily glands. Yes i have oily skin and I do get breakouts occassionally. So oratane will prep my skin to be clear of acne or any bacteria by then. I will stop once the first course is done. Wont take it long term.

                            As with all medicine, there are side effects. Better to be well informed than not I guess


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                              Any cotters is seeing Prof Goh now? Any reviews? I am thinking of going to see him for my acne problem.. Any reviews on him?



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                                hi, my bro's got a huge pus-filled thing at the back of his neck. anybody's faced similar probs before and sought help at National Skin Centre? wondering about the quality of treatment and which doc to see...