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how to remove cysts on face?

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  • how to remove cysts on face?

    hi~i have two unpainful cysts on my face and it's kinda disturbing~ anyone knows if i can get it remove by gp?and the pricing~?thanks!

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    I had mine done at a dermatologist. One was under the skin (just a big bump), and he poked it with a needle after sterilizing with alcohol. Stung plenty. The other was on the surface, and he removed that by "freezing".

    Total cost was around $90-$100, includes prescriptions for antibiotics and cream to apply to affected areas.


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      i'm not very sure if cortisone jabs work but you can try asking your GP or derm. the last time i had cystic acne, i just went to the GP for oral medication. he also helped "burst" it with a needle. my mum's a nurse and she helped me clean the spot everyday so as to avoid infection and scarring. i don't remember paying alot for it coz i just went to a normal GP. sorry, can't remember the pricing coz it was more than 10 years ago.


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        cyst removal


        i had two cysts or nodules now also. using cortisone injection may cause you to scar. i had more than 10 injections before but it can really cause scarring and this becomes permanently. i still cannot find any dermatologist who can remove it by needle and stuff. can anyone recommend your dermatologist who help you remove your cyst manually? thanks a lot.


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          yar...thinking of getting oral medication from gp...heee...


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            can i just ask whats cysts?


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              painless cysts that just wont go away...2 red big's been bout a month already...