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  • Pink/Yellow based foundation

    i've read on MUA that yellow-based skin should opt for yellow-based foundation.

    however i was told otherwise by a Shu Uemura SA, whom said yellow-based skin should opt for pink-based foundation to neutralize the 'yellow-ness'.

    im confused!

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    for my own preference id prefer pink-based i guess,
    looks more healthy =p


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      IMO for a primer/mu base yellow toned gals can use pink shade, but for foundation yellow based is better, or at least neutral. Too-pink based found will clashed on yellow toned skin.


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        wouldn't yellow make you look even more 'yellow'? i went to shu just again, another outlet and the SA recommended me a shade that she says is in between yellow and pink. she said pink is for very fair people.
        by the way im looking liquid foundation


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          i've always thought pink based foundations are suitable for very fair girls. my skin is medium toned and i tan quite easily. yellow based foundations suit me best and i've never had a problem with them looking too yellow for me.


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            This question has been debated countless times. Boils down to personal preference. Between a pink and a yellow, of course I'd go for the yellow - if the pink's just too far from my match. However, I'd go for the one with a bit more red if I have to choose between two yellow shades. Hope I make sense.

            One example of how opinions differ from one to another:

            If you want to try out the Shu Water Perfect, you can buy a DIY sample off me, Wendee. If you have a sample bottle, just mail it to me and pay for the postage


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              When I first started wearing makeup, I read that yellow-based skins should opt for yellow-based foundations. For one thing, think of how obvious the difference between your face and neck would be if you did otherwise. Looking natural is the key, and you should gauge how good the match is in natural light for accuracy. By the same token, foundation should be as close a match to your natural skin tone as possible, no darker, and only a teensy bit lighter at the most.

              I also read that the majority of Asians have yellow-based skin.


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                thanks for the offer glossie!

                the prob is both looked okay on me but i cant decide haha
                im so troublesome
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                  probably get both? haha!


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                    I'm pink-based but I always opt for another pink-based foundation. I tried using yellow-based foundation (due to SA's recommendation) but they always make me look sallow and dull. I think pink-based make me healthier and I also prefer to rosy look since my skin is relatively fair too.