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the 'Poof'/rooster hairstyle

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  • the 'Poof'/rooster hairstyle

    how to tie this hair style?far right~heehee


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    i *think* it's probably
    -tie the hair infront, then bring it back, then tie the whole head of hair into a pony tail..

    to achieve the puff up look, dont tie the hair in front too tightly, then using a comb with a sharp end, insert the sharp end to the part you have tied (for the hair in front) and try to erm... bring the hair upwards, gently, then spray with hairspray to fix it.. do this before you tie the rest of the hair..

    hope it sounds clear... but try it at your own risk..

    but hairstyles for posters are done for the camera, we do not know what happens to the hair at the back, might be very messy with pins all over.

    do note that the girl's head is slightly tilted, so hairstyle might look nice but if she were to look straight into the camera, then it's gonna be a bun right smack on top of her head...

    my 2 cents~


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      my (plain lazy ) way to Sasa's hairdo :

      gather a bunch of fringe, clip it, gather up remaining bottom hair, tie up


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        cowdung describes the procedures rather clearly! Just remember to have more hairpins and loads on hairspray! It takes practice


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          Ya agreed with raebelasian. Need hairspray to hold it in place


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            yea i do it most of the time..i call it the rooster fringe..but to look neat you should use the styling spray not gel...and if your fringe is kinda shouldn try it cause it will look curly..yea..friend use to do that...

            Well its all up to you...goodie lucky!


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              i can't manage to get my fringe in place.. my fren said i looked funny..


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                Originally posted by saman28
                i can't manage to get my fringe in place.. my fren said i looked funny..
                dun worry you just need to practice more..


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                  This is kinda fashionable now ah? Any more tips and tricks? I cannot do it too...