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  • Acne and Depression

    i was crying yesterday night horribly. my face had the worst kind of breakout in the past - cystic/nodular acne and now it is still not fully under control and i even got many deep scars. it really changed my life. i broke up with my stead and it is just very upsetting. i have even seen some dermatologists or facial salons that promised amazing results but in the end, they helped me nothing but took away from me all my hard earned money. im really desperate. i feel that no one is nice in the world. despite my cries and sobbing and begging, some dermatologists can brush me aside and say slowly save money then come back.

    i really dont know. anyone facing similar problems or before?

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    I suggest you go on nimegen, a variation of accutane. I used to have moderate to severe cystic acne and I was cured.

    Now I get tiny pimples that disappear after one or two days and yes a few superficial scars which are not too prominent even w/out makeup. Nimegen costs about $5 per pill. A month's supply go for $152.

    I suggest you talk to someone who is willing to listen to your needs. I went to Nam Seng Clinic at Beauty World Shopping Centre.


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      maybe you would like to go national skin centre?


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        i think other than going to the doc do go to some medical hall to check any herbs for such specific ones but there are some herbs is mainly to detox your body......

        try to watch your diet and avoid heaty food as well......unless your complexion is due to so.....

        i can understand your concern gal cos i had the same probs before.....till now as well........then my beautician told me i got active oil gland......which means there will be outbreak if you are stressed.....imagine i had outbreaks as well (many times) when i was in ldn.....ldn is famous for its cooling weather......

        dont despair just most impt must remember to maintain proper facial process daily and drinks as much water.....

        go to your GP and ask them to refer you to national skin centre or any other specialist.........dont use hit on beauty salon cos their charges is real times certain skin centre is not as expensive as these beauty salons too


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          don't dispair; if you're financially tight go to any polyclinic to get them to refer you to NSC. you should be able to get some form of subsidy for your treatment.cheer up!


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            Nimegen really really helped me. I used to have to acne problems (cystic) on my cheeks and chin, and I also spent lots of money on facials ($80 facials 2x a skin cleared up for a while, but later the acne came back with a vengeance). Seriously, my skin was really so bad that a total stranger (auntie) sitting opposite me in the bus wrote down some 'liang cha' (herbal tea) recipe for me. I had to wear makeup to cover up the scars (actually i became quite good at it), but it was seriously depressing to take photos, because you can tell I was doing a major camouflage job.

            Now, onto my story with Nimegen, I went to about 2 other doctors before I found the RIGHT one. I started out with a derm at Singapore Shopping Centre, who charged me $3.30 per pill, and he didn't give me a proper dose (He gave me a super mild 20mg per day). If you read up on internet websites about isotretinoin, your total dosage should be 120mg per KG body weight..(1 pill is 10mg) So if you're heavier, you have to take more in order to be cured (so you have to do the maths to find out how much your 'cure' will cost you)

            Anyway, then another friend recommended a GP in Pasir Ris, who was selling the pill at only $1+ (i don't remember exactly how much), so I went to see him, thinking that I can save some $$, but he refused to give me any dosage higher than 20mg. I even argued with him, and he insisted that 20mg will work. But it didn't. I was still getting breakouts all the time, WHILE suffering the side effects of dry skin, cracked lips (you will need lots of vaseline to see you through).

            So, finally after 2 months of seeing him, and getting truly exasperated for spending all that money with no results, I got some advice from another forum, and set up an appointment with Dr Tay Yong Kwang of CGH (he's head of their dermatology dept). He (kind, enlightened soul) agreed that I needed a higher dosage, and at my highest, I was doing 50mg per day (but apparently, if you surf some American sites, some it's not uncommon for them to do more than 100mg per day - they'd rather get it done and over with quickly).

            Anyway, I really saw results this time, it took my about 9 months to finish with my course, and I've really been free of acne since (it's been about 2 years). CGH also sells the pills cheaper than the Pasir Ris GP.

            My friend also did nimegen together with me at CGH. She saw another derm, Dr Colin Kwok (Kwek?) but she did a lower dose, and I don't think it was the full course (120mg per kg). Her breakouts have come back again, so I really really do advise you to do a full course.

            Good Luck!!


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              Best thing you could do is seek professional help, visit NSC or a recognised GP recommended by the ladies here right away. The derm will give you medication and stuff depending on the severity. You can pop by where you can find like-minded people. Well, I was certainly comforted when I know i'm not the only one fighting the battle against acne, I hope you will feel better as well.


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                girl, cheer up. you are not alone.
                if you don't like to try antibiotics, you may try the followingit is exactly what i did and am doing)
                Herpancine(spelling?) from GNC
                Vit B5 from
                VitC,Vit B complex from Amway
                a lot of herbal tea, yin(2)er(2)lian(2)zi tang(1), everyday
                solve constipation problems, if you have
                no spicy food, no junk, fried food
                external: NUskin clear action (cleared my major breakouts)
                now using Peter Thomas Roth aha/bha acne clearning gel every day
                expensive but effective to keep my pimples from popping out.

                Good luck.


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                  i took accutane and my lips cracked and bleeded when im on 30mg a day.
                  if i take 50mg a day, i think i will lose my lips!!!!!!!!!! my lips will be gone.

                  and seriously, i really dont know what to do.

                  i have very bad scars from my cystic acne.

                  any one can offer any advice


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                    Please don't get despair, girl.. As you see, there are many girls here who have the same experience with acne.. I also suffered from nodular cystic acne before... those big underground pimples... There was time I felt very bad & stressed about my skin. Really envy those with smooth clear skin...

                    I was tempted to try Roaccutane but also afraid of the consequences... I am glad I found Aspirin Mask.. it's a simple and cheap HG for my skin now..

                    Healthy diet is important and don't forget to use lipbalm, lotion and sunscreen as Roaccutane is very strong medication... Also drink lots of water to flush out the toxin from your body...

                    Take care yeah...


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                      hi.. don't be depressed.. like what others hav said.. you are not alone.. i used to hav such problem too.. now i'm goin to maple clinic for my skin problem at tampines.. you can give it a try if you want..


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                        hi slash.

                        i cant really tell you much about cystic acne problems as i do not suffer from that myself, but my acne is quite serious too and unfortunately my mother is unwilling to spend money on a dermatologist even though i've constantly told her that it will be better than me spending so much on useless products that do nothing to help my acne condition.
                        but i can relate to you about the depression part. i really understand that part, for i was one of the first few in my year to get hit with acne. even though my puberty timing was correct, i broke out starting from primary 5 and its already been so long! at least now my acne isnt as bad as it used to be but you can really see the scars there clearly on my face.
                        in the past, whenever i got a new BIG reddish pimple full of pus i would cry my eyes out until i fell asleep, then when i woke up to go school everyone can see that i had been crying. i lost a lot of so called friends all because my looks was so horrifyingly ugly and had to turn to the internet for solace of friends who wouldnt know how ugly i really looked in real life, friends who would befren me because of my personality alone.
                        but then i lightened up more this year. i realised that when i open my eyes and see carefully there's a lot more people out there with skin conditions worst than mine. my acne problem is still here and my mom still refuses to bring me to the derm, but i realised that sometimes drinking LOTS and LOTS of water will help. vitamin c tablets did nothing for me so i stopped popping them into my mouth.
                        even though they say cleanse your face twice a day only so you wont dry it out, i cleanse thrice everyday. my friend told me to use a salt soap to disinfect my face and i only just started the routine, and a lot of outbreaks have been occurring. she said this is only normal. also i try not to touch my face anymore, i learnt my lesson cos when i kept resting my head on my arms during school i developed A LOT of painful pimples at my chin and there are still some there now.
                        try not to think so much about your acne condition, and try to detoxify your system from the inside out first okay? it will help, really. if you ever need someone to talk to about your depression regarding acne i'm always here to lend a listening ear, and i believe other cotters will do so, too.
                        remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


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                          I cannot tell you not to be depressed, because I know how you feel. I've suffered from acne for 9 years, and still suffering from it, but its under control now. Yes, I do have scars. If you are feeling depressed (read: clinical depression), then I'd suggest you to not take accutane or even birth control pills because these are proven to accercebate depression on some people.
                          Don't try beauty salons, they are not licensed and dont have the skills to treat acne. I suggest you go to reputable derms, ask around (this topic has been discussed many a time, so read up, and consult those doctors). One thing you have to understand is
                          thatacne takes time to heal or even to be controlled. Dont expect miracles. So, stick with a derm you're comfortable with, and with time, they will heal. Don't keep switching doctors, because each doctor will usually start with low doses and go up. So, it wont work if you hop after one month. It takes more than that to see lasting results. Good luck, dont despair. You might think this is horrible, but with patience it will get better. Good luck


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                            ya i agree.. do not go to beauty centre.. i had been to one last time.. they are so pushy in gettin you to get their facial package and products.. did not sign for any facial package but i bought their products.. it don't work.. waste my $$.. spent a few hundreds just like that.. will advice you to see a doctor.. cheaper and better..


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                              gals thanks

                              im really feeling much better now. i been to see dr ong and when i told her about my acne, i cried inside the room and she seem really friendly. i think i look like im crazy or something... but she understands how i feel.

                              she is really nice.......

                              thanks for encouragement ok?

                              the very fact why i am so depressed maybe because i have some clubbing friends who were very pretty and they keep commenting to me what had happened to my face and keep suggesting me to go salons or what if not later i cannot get married........