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Visible facial veins / capillaries

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  • Visible facial veins / capillaries

    Did a thread search but couldn't find a similar topic...

    As above. I've got a few questions i found quite alot of broken "blood veins"(i.e broken capillaries) on my face..

    1) How do they form??

    2) Any ways to prevent?

    I heard that its best not to use too warm water to wash your face to prevent capillaries from that true??

    3) How to cure??

    Any facials or treatments to get rid of those ugly looking lines...(purple,red,green..all sorts of colors haha if u get what i mean)

    4) Any ways to conceal??

    one more question..i saw somewhere in the AHA thread that AHA can't be used if you've got broken capillaries?? I've got scars and my broken capiilaries are all near my acne scars..i need to fade them....but do not know if AHA is suitable...can chemical peeling get rid of broken capillaries as well? Then i can kill 2 birds with one stone..hahaha

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    Hey!!! I have a similar problem that seems to be getting more obvious recently. Not sure if it is because I am using too much strong AHA products. Have stopped AHA almost completely now.

    I have tried Phytomer's Soothing Skin Cream with Soothing Serum and it worked whilst the sample lasted. I saw that the veins were not so obvious on the lower cheeks after the first night of use. But not that sure if it is psychological.

    I intend to go over and buy ther stuff and take pictures every other day to monitor the results.

    Heard that if it gets serious, this is irreversible. Been reading up on this and apparently, this happens for several reasons. 1 is that your skin is sensitive or reacting to something that you are using, another is that your skin is too thin, and yet another is that you are deficient is certain nutrients that strengthen the capillaries.

    A dermatologist friend in the states adviced me to use Vitamin K cream but I have problems finding that in Singapore! And another friend told me that Vit K is very oily. So might cause break out.

    So I am also trying to figure out what can improve this condition. Let me know if you find anything that works!!!

    But my beautician advices against excessive massage or strong rubbing of my face when applying my creams. (I am very lazy and just slap on my creams in random motions.)

    Hope this helps!!!


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      I have the same problem, mine was caused by overuse of AHAs years ago.

      Definitely limit your use of AHAs and watch out for extreme temperatures. Wash your face only with lukewarm water and steaming during facials is a no-no.




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        Hi ladies

        can I check something... is ur skin getting more sensitive now? Last time you used a lot of AHA product tt's why the broken vessels surfaced?

        Cos me and my hubby using this treatment prdt tt is able to repair DNA of skin cell. It is also able to protect and repair thinning of collagen and elastin. I *** this product might be able to help you all on tt? Cos its main ingredient is not ACIDIC and done up with the biotech of certain things from sea alage!

        We are using it now to close up pores, smoothen fine lines and working well...

        Hope to help u all...
        Let me check further and get back to you ladies



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          Oh my god! That sounds interesting... What is that? From which brand?

          Hmm... Phytomer has sea weed extracts too. Supposed to help de--sensitize skin. I just bought it yesterday....

          But I am happy to learn more about your product! In case this does not work out...


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            Niks at Novena Square has a vitamin K cream. Not sure of its pricing. Here's the link:


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              Originally posted by honeyjar
              Hmm... Phytomer has sea weed extracts too. Supposed to help de--sensitize skin. I just bought it yesterday....
              how is it so far?


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                Fair skin Woes- Green veins on the face!!!

                Any fair skin ladies having such problems? I'm having more problem now on green veins. Few years back, someone commented that my eyes look 'green' and I didnt pay attention to it. Now, I realised that under one of my eye, the veins is very obvious! and even the forehead too!!! Can see the green lines. Actually I've very thin skin and considered fair as well. I'm not sure if its because recently I started to use shades and umbrella and thus expose myself to less sun and become fairer? I dont use whitening products for years and dont use facial scrub. Perhaps because I stress myself too much especially my eyes (the main eye i'm using is showing the veins) and thus the veins are showing up.

                I'm wondering if I should get myself under the sun more often so that my face will become slightly darker? I cant really tan myself because my skin hardly go dark at all. At most is sunburnt skin which is bad. Any advise besides using concealer? Thanks!


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                  for me its not on the face but on my LEGS!!
                  i dunno what should i do about it and im still soooo young!!
                  i thought this should only happen in older ages

                  any idea to diminish or cover my imperfections?


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                    i have the same huge green vein under my right eye.. but the doctor told me thats a muscle when i asked him whether that can be removed surgically.

                    and i have lots of broken capillaries on my cheeks! i think its because i like to use hot/warm water to wash my face all the time. i'm quite fair so it can be pretty obvious without make up! Urgk!! :Doh:


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                      If it makes you ladies feel better, the veins that appear on the face are also known as "tao hua gen" (romance veins). Usually, ladies who have such veins tend to have lots of romantic encounters!

                      How true is that?


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                        I dont have such tao hua ge and I rather pray to have none than to have the veins popping. I need to use less brain cells and dont stress myself!

                        For legs, I have varicose veins even at 13 yrs old or so. Cannot be cured. I think the best we can do for the legs is to raise it up during sleep. so that the veins/varicose veins wont be bumpy? next time. I was idiot back then when my mum told me you can use ices to keep yr skin contract.......and then being naive and believing her words, I go and do it. She really make my skin get worse. Last time one pimple she also asked me go and squeeze and now, there's a hole! I'm going to complain to her again tomorrow!!! :shout:

                        I think its still green veins. I find to hard to swallow that its a muscle


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                          ermmm... and the green veins has been appearing on my chest recently.. :Doh:


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                            Niks Vitamin K Cream

                            Hi cotters,
                            Why not give Niks Vitamin K cream a try, iit can be applied to eye or even leg area. This is a cream that normally doctors will also recommend for those after surgery where they have some ... donno how to say. It also aid in dark eye ring a little, this cream will improve the green veins by helping to improve the blood circulation around the area u apply. k try it at a sample size, $10 only. I quite like it, my green vein under my eyes did improve, but must be patient wo.


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                              i read from the web that spider veins on the face are caused by sun exposure. people with thin skin, sensitive skin are usually more prone to it. thats why people using aha will develop the veins more easily since aha acid thins the skin. to prevent this, apply a good suncreen. use a physical block that contains zinc oxide or titinam dioxide rather than a chemical one since the latter can cause irritation. i also discovered that vitamin k cream can help reduce the appearance since it is capable of improving blood circulation and collagen. i discovered a vitamin k cream produced by litecosmetic and it sounds like a good product. anyone shares a view on this? heres the link to the product otherwise it seems only niks has vitamin k cream in singapore. does anyone own a bottle so i can ask what are the ingredients in that cream?