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  • Endermologie

    am going to Derma Dx for the $39 trial on Sat. Read in the promotion list there is this endermologie for body shaping. It suppose to improve blood circulation, contours the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Has anyone tries it before?? Very curious about this.

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    i've tried it once. didn't bother to sign up any package and go for more sessions as it's pretty expensive. also, you're expected to buy the body stocking too. i think it might be effective only if you go for a certain number of sessions, so do prepared to fork out the money.


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      Oh I love this treatment! I love the feeling afterwards, it's like your whole body feels tingly and light. I noticed remarkable skin tone difference after about 8 treatments, and my problem areas had reduced in size a little. But, after about 15 treatments I could see that there was much more difference. I still have my pre and post photos and love how you can see the difference for yourself.

      I had a look at the latest Marie Claire and there was an endermologie add towards the back, so now I'm going to buy another course!

      Just be sure you get the best deal around - some places charge a lot more than others and I don't get why, considering it's the same treatment with the same machine.

      I'll call around tomorrow and let you know how I go.


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        What is Endermologie ? Is it the same as :

        From I saw from the website VelaShape contours the body and reduces cellulite