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    eeps i just went for laser with her 2 weeks ago. still recovering. didn't know she's been suspended before.

    she did the laser on me but i wasn't very happy with her attitude.

    called a few times during the first few days with some queries and of course i didn't get to speak to her. her nurses answered my queries instead. i thought this was terrible because obviously i'm a patient who's anxious and would like to hear it from the doctor personally on post-surgery care but OF COURSE Joyce Lim couldn't be bothered.

    on my follow-up visit, i had to keep asking questions about post-laser care and she just gave me really brief not very helpful answers because she was already at the door DYING to charge .. er i mean see her next patient.

    terrible. i'll never go to her again.


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      I don't have a good impression of her too. My mum used to go to her and i accompanied her once to her clinic. She seemed aloof and a heck-care attitude.
      People go to the doctor to get better, but my mum went to Dr Joyce, her skin condition got worse instead. My mum had stopped seeing her then.


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        wow i didn't notice so many of you all went for her laser treatment.
        ya i agree she has this hack care attitude...she just wants to finish consultation fast. Then if you tell her you are using other dr. products, she get very pissed off.


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          really a bitch

          i went to see joyce lim before for my acne too. she charged me about 300 dollars i think. then, she did not bother to listen to my worries and what i want to know. she merely say just do what i say. i ask anything then she say just follow what i say can already.

          and she seem to be sucking up to the old rich tais tais there....... im like one poor fellow whom she cannot gain much benefits from.

          im abit happy that she is suspended!


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            its scary to read about that. as for trinity clinic, i think it should be ok for the staff to handle microdermabrasion..since for derma-rx, that's what the facialists do too..they also do stuff like IPL..i have done laser at trinity clinic before and its being done by the doctor there. so its relatively safe. but i am so scared if there's ever a chance of being scarred for life due to someone's negliance..make me think twice to go for laser. i still have 4 sessions to go. :Doh:


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              i read it too, was a bit :wow: when i read about nurses being able to do small ops in national skin centre.
              doctors go through years of professional training only to let nurses do the stuff? and also it is the doctors who know the stuff~...

              ok, back to Dr lim. i read in the papers that she had set the machine settings herself, then she let the nurse do it.
              she also mentioned that since nurses are allowed to do at NSC, she thought it would be ok for her nurse to do also.

              but duh, her nurse is her nurse. not NSC nurse.

              the only person who, for sure, have gone through training is HER. dr lim. being a dermatologist, i'm sure she would know how to deal with certain skin types, how to carry out the laser thing (not just the settings) like in what angle should the laser face etc...

              but she let the nurse do it. why dont she just switch roles with her nurses? i've read some of the cotter's posts, :Doh: it seems like it's the nurses who are attending to the patients eh...

              my ...


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                i'm glad this is out. i only wished i knew about her earlier two suspensions.

                i think SMA should make it possible for the public to find out if the registered doctors been suspended before.
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                  oh great... i know i sound like i'm gloating over it but i can't help it!

                  her attitude sucks big time and i hate doctors with no medical ethics.


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                    Originally posted by Ryki
                    i heard my beautician says her friend supply Oceanhealth products then got supply to Joyce lim also ...joyce lim re packaged it then sell so expensive the products...oceanhealth products not as expensive as joyce lim ones..
                    Welcome to CC, Ryki How about an intro of yourself over in CozyLounge?

                    Oceanhealth sounds familiar? Health supplements? Or topical creams for laser treatments? What brands does she use, anyway?


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                      she has her own line of skincare packaged under her own name.


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                        gosh, seems like i'm the only person who found her very patient. i normally get to see her for 15 -45 mins per consult so i guess i have nothing to complain about. She also answers all emails within 24 hours. I guess I am lucky!

                        this is her third suspension? i thought it's her first! this is terrible. i was so happy to have found her....

                        The gov has double standards as usual. It is alright for NSC to have their nurses do a laser treatment but it is not legal for a private doctor to have a nurse to perform the same treatment. However, either way, NSC or Joyce Lim, i feel the doctor should be doing the lasering.

                        in case people are thinking of seeing her stand in derm , Dr Ang Bee Cheng, i suggest you save your money and go else where. Reason being if you ladies find Joyce Lim has a "heck care" attitude, then this Dr Ang is WORSE! In and ot of the clinic in 3 mins flat. In fact, I had to tell him about my medical history. He also asked me what Joyce Lim reccomendation was....


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                          Sharon, was it the nurse who performed the laser on you or did JL do it herself?


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                            actually no i've had good experiences with her before. once i went for a follow up consultation - and she told me to buy this vitamin c thing which was from her line of skincare.

                            when i went to pay the bill, i was only charged for the price of the product i purchased. consultation fee was waived. so surprising. especially since she spent like 10 minutes at least talking to me.


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                              looks like there is a lot of rants on her. All along i thought she is quite a good doc now giving me such a bad impression. looks like it is difficult for her to start business again!! :eh:


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                                Oh crap....!! I was going to see her next month, now I have to find somewhere else to go!! Such a pity because I actually I find her products very useful.