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    snowstar, is that cleanser for oily skin in the form of a tube? i think i saw it at the pharmacies at less than S$20.


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      the cleasner has worked very well for my oily, acne prone but extremely sensitive skin. i look like a lobster upon contact with the spore outdoor heat.

      i hate the feeling of the normal cetaphil, the foaming cleanser gives me a clean and fresh feeling without stripping my skin completely dry.

      it's not expensive for a face wash, but it is expensive considering it's cetaphil!

      it is in a bottle form, not tube... could have come in tube but i didn't see it.

      i spoke with the cetaphil marketing manager last year, it can be found at polyclinics and derm and was not available in the mass market back then. Things may have changed - I hope so! The retail price he quoted me was the same as Joyce charges.



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        Cheapest place I found to buy Cetaphil (the normal one, 200ml) is at Mustafa - $13.50.


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          I just went down today to get the Stieva-A, turns out it's only $16. Anyway, because it's a prescription medicine, the murse initially asked me to see the stand in doc, who was not even a derm. But i refused because i had to pay $20 just to see him, and i reasoned with her that it just doesn't make sense because im back only because my product has run out. Then she brought up the matter that im due for a consultation anyway, but I pointed out to her that my consultation is only with Joyce Lim, not some stand in doc. So in the end she waived the fee. THANK GOD. I went in there for 20 seconds... at most. I can't imagine paying $20 for that, it's like a dollar a sec. But they did charge a prescription fee of $5. Oh well...


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            how long is the stand in doc gonna be there till? i wonder how long joyce lim is suspended for.


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              Suspended for 3 months.

              Stand in GP (note it's a GP) at all times, stand in derm only once week from 2-4pm either wed/thursday ( not sure which day )