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    didn't seem to find a specific thread for this, so thought i'd start one here.

    stilafaux's recent drugstore spree lured me into checking out some US drugstore makeup brands, and these from neutrogena look so tempting. i love neutrogena for their off-the-shelves skincare range, but sadly their cosmetics are not available in SG - have to get via sprees or CPs.

    healthy skin blends sheer highlighting blush

    healthy skin blends translucent oil-control powder

    healthy skin blends natural radiance bronzer

    healthy skin enhancer

    healthy defence trio

    all the above retailing at US$11.99 each on
    still contemplating if i should try the highlighting blush, looks so pretty
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    Yes, the only brand I am interested in is Neutrogena. Was thinking about the concealer and powder. But not too sure if it will be worth it??? :roll:


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      i used to use their foundation, some Healthy Skin range, quite awhile ago. not bad but gave streaks after 10 hours.

      their lippies are too but colours :roll:

      not too sure now.


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        May I know what is MUA? Thanks?


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          MUA= Makeup Alley


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            Neutrogena's products are really not bad. I wish SG would have a larger range of items for us to try! Seems like SG's range is more skincare based than cosmetics.


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              Originally posted by Gink
              MUA= Makeup Alley

              Thanks. Hubby may go to usa next month, maybe can ask him to buy for me. But I am still an idiot in makeup.


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                my friend is coming dw to SG from US
                and i am ordering from

                if u r interested and willing to wait till mid march (16-24),
                drop me a pm.

                closing date: 8th feb, 10pm.


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                  If I am not wrong, doesn't allow us to buy Neutrogena cos of some licensing law. So there is no use ordering it online.


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                    then why do they still place it there?

                    maybe sg doesnt allow them to ship it in?
                    but i am not shipping it in to SG.
                    my friend is bringing it over.


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                      you can buy neutrogena m/u products from provided it is shipped to a local (american) address, so if you want to buy it you have to use vPost

                      i'm getting my neutrogena blusher and bronzer from


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                        i have the healthy skin blends sheer highlighting blush... like what it says it's a sheer highlighting blush... but not as sheer as benefit's dandelion that you have to apply alot. i like the fact that it's non-comedogenic, oil free and fragrance free! by the way, it's not available in australia and i got it from US.


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                          yeap, you can still use vpost to get the healthy skin blends sheer highlighting blush. no sweat about it.


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                            Cool! Liyun> Are you still ordering then? Please let me know.


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                              Pardon my silly question, but how do you use the highlighting blusher? There are soo many shades!