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  • Mugens Zen care

    Used this for the first time and feels really really very soft. Usually is a must for me to use leave in conditioner but not with this brand. Very impressed. Bought the travel set at $4.50. Intending to buy the big bottle soon but like to know any ppl using it too? Any bad comments like dropping hair, oily scalp...?

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    smell not bad but not much effect for long term use..
    was prompt to buy as the sa from lee hwa keep follow us n prompt us to buy...haha manage to buy a set of trial size but hmm so so only..


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      Which one are u using? I'm using the green bottle one which is suppose to be the most intensive( very very damaged hair) and actually the SA warned me of the oily scalp so adviced me to use something lighter( under this brand also). What do u mean by the results not for long term? Oh no, I'm thinking should I get the big one now....


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        I got the blue one...made my hair so frizzy and tangled i used the shampoo set to wash clothes... made my clothes soft!


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          I have been using MUGENS ZenCare CPT Shampoo D1 For Damaged Hair (Green Bottle) & MUGENS Energetic Pack For Professional (Light Blue Bottle 1kg).

          I the Energetic Pack so MUCH! Have been using for 2 mths n my dry/damaged/coloured Hair now becoming smoother & shinier! Even my colleagues complemented on my hair!


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            Me too. I was using the light blue Treatment shampoo for the past 2 weeks. When washing hair, it feels quite tangling but after hair dries, it's very soft and pretty smooth, as commented by my bf (he usually don't notice my hair, so it means really can see a difference.) But i've recently dyed my hair so have to shelf the shampoo to a corner for the time being.